Nina McLemore-AVOID

Do not be sucked in by the "High Profile " customers like Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton.
Nina is a monster- she enjoys intimidating people and watching them squirm.

I was hired as the Production Manager- The office was a hole next to a cutting room in the Garment District and was actually the storage room for her fabrics and trims. I was the 6th Production Manager in 1 year and I left in September.

Also, in 1 year- she had 3 CFO’s resign because she was asking them to do illegal tampering with the numbers.

She is only able to keep the minions who started straight out of school and did not know there were better places to be. As they got promoted, the became Mini Nina and treated everyone the same way.


I agree with all of this and if you read her glassdoor reviews you will see many of the positive ones are done by her team to boost the star rating.

I did not work there but she personally pursued me to and sucked out all the information she wanted in our 2 meetings.

Avoid this company.