Gerber Childrenswear toxic culture

Avoid this company! They bought a baby bedding company in 2016 and destroyed it. They lack innovation in every area, senior management is condescending and stuck in the past, and employees are treated terribly. During the pandemic, many people were furloughed, which is understandable. However, the remaining associates had their pay reduced by 50%. The next move was to eliminate all paid vacation and eliminate all paid holidays except Thanksgiving & Christmas days. And of course some people on furlough are now not being brought back.
This lack of respect and appreciation for hard-working people starts with the owners of the company - The Siman family who own Intradeco and a large department store chain in Central America. Once again, we see the rich protecting their assets at the expense of people who are in need of employment.


People in the industry need to know this. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry that you experienced this.

Thanks for sharing. I am so sad this is happening at a Gerber… so disappointing!

Completely agree! In fact, when it was decided that all paid vacation would be eliminated it was because the owner of the company thought that everyone had enough of a vacation staying home during the pandemic. Absolutely atrocious mindset without considering that many employees are parents and had to home school their children on top of working their normal work hours!

" the owner of the company thought that everyone had enough of a vacation staying home during the pandemic" - Wow. was he not aware of the PANDEMIC?

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Any details on what its like work for Intradeco?

Intradeco is the parent company of Gerber Childrenswear - please read initial comment above. I know they are looking for a designer, but I would suggest avoiding this company. The owners absolutely do not care about the people that work for them.