Resume Key Words

Do you think most companies use scanning for keywords?
I know big companies like the Gap probably do. I’m talking about the smaller companies and recruiters.

My advice is to tailor every resume to the job posting. Even if the company doesn’t use an ATS, they will want to see that you have the skills & experience they are looking for. Don’t take a chance in this environment when so many people are out of work. You have to get the interview in order to get the job!

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try a website like (yes, .co not com)
This will allow you to upload your current resume and compare to a real job description and provide feedback on keyword matches. Many companies now use ATS (applicant tracking systems) that have an algorithm that reads key words before a human ever sees the documents!

Keywords are used by almost every company that has an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). They are used to program bots to the retrieval/filtering of applications.

As important, keywords are used by recruiters and hiring managers to search their own resume database (ATS) and that of their advertising partners, like StyleCareers or Indeed.

The idea is to anticipate what keywords a recruiter or hiring manager might use to find someone LIKE you. For example, a Technical Designer for Sweaters would have those two keywords on their resume already BUT the recruiter might search using Tech Design, Tech Designer or maybe even Spec Tech. They may also search using Knits or Full-Fashioned instead of Sweaters. The resume that anticipate these searches are going to be the ones that get the most action.