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Hey Guys,
I’m actively seeking a job in the US in the Design /Technical Design / Product Development sector - My strengths lie in Womenswear Activewear/Athleisure.The positions I’m looking at are Assistant/Associate Level

I’ve tried LinkedIn, Indeed, StyleCareers, Ziprecruiter, Glassdoor - and none have been helpful for the past 5 months

I’d really appreciate any leads.

Unsuccessful job searches are often the result of personal presentation. Send me your resume and I’ll look to see if that might be holding you back. Use chris@stylecareers.com


Hey, your insights would really be helpful! Sending my resume to you

Glad that GrandPoobah is looking at your resume :slight_smile: It also helps to have different resumes depending on the jobs you are looking for. Most companies only want to hire for a specific role, and having your tech design, design and product development all called out can be confusing for recruiters/hiring mgrs and they don’t know what your strengths are, so they discount you completely. Companies looking to hire a tech designer don’t want a designer or a product developer. (even though I agree, having all these skills are an asset, and it’s great to be well rounded-- getting your resume into the mix is about presenting a round peg into a round hole). Have a different tech design resume, a PD resume, and a Design resume, and apply for jobs that way. In each, highlight your strengths in that category at the top, so it’s clearly visible. Once you get to the interview stage, it’s fine to discuss all the other key skills you can bring to the table.

Also note-- while you are looking for asst/associate roles, know that each job builds on your past experience, and once you get entrenched in a field, it’s hard to make a lateral move into a different division. So if you really want to be a designer, but end up taking an asst tech designer role (hey, a job is a job!) know that 2 years in, people will consider you a tech designer, so getting a company to consider you for Design roles will be harder. This industry can be very myopic in that respect.



Yes, I got a good understanding from @grandpoobah on how I can improve my resume and have a better approach to applying to Jobs.
And yes, I agree, catering different skillsets in different Resumes definitely makes sense. I am currently drafting my resume, on my journey to make a good resume and start applying again, Wish me luck!
I’ll make sure to keep these points in mind. Thank you so much!

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Grandpoobah! what would you suggest for senior/exec level designers who are running into a lot of agist related blockages? Being told I’m “too senior” “my salary is too high” etc. I have been out of work for quite some time. thanks

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You have to change the conversation from cost to value; with your resume, cover letter and during the interview.

It is important to build an ROI analysis for the people with whom you are interviewing. Make it super-simple for them to understand that you will make them money or save them money.

We go into this subject in depth on StyleDispatch.com. Check out some out the articles/video here:

With respect to value, check out some of these:

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thank you for these insights. I believe my resume is already set up this way, any way I could get feedback on it?

Sorry, just seeing this. Add the latest version of your resume to your StyleCareers.com profile and I’ll check it out for you. Send me a message with your StyleCareers username to chris@stylecareers.com so that I don’t take 10 more days to get back you. :slight_smile: