AI powered Resume Revamp

hi there,
Does anyone have success getting interviews after optimizing their resumes via AI supported websites like Jobscan , kickresume, jasper etc… not just chatgpt…? Can you share what you used and how it helped?

Alternatively, have you ever used a Professional Resume Writer that specializes in fashion design that helped with getting past Applicant Tracking System bots?
Please share names/agencies if you have , it could help many job seekers on this platform.
@grandpoobah Pls, chime in since you might have insight on this,
Thanks everyone!

We’ve tested Jobscan against ChatGTP and found ChatGTP to be much better. The big difference for us (at least at the time) was having the ability to customize the prompts.

As for the ATS Bots, your question is very timely…


thanks for sharing, is there a way to remove the background music from the video.
it’s very hard to follow the speaker with loud music in the background.

Yikes, didn’t approve that. I’ll have the music taken out. Might take a day or two.

Hi! I used ChatGpt. You really need to know how to use prompts to get what you want. Trial and error. I switched my format as well which definitely helped. Using the information from the ad into your resume is crucial. I got passed the bots into Disney. I was shocked. They contacted me. I have been in this business for 30+ years so I am a tough sell to anyone. I got passed the second interview but didn’t make it to the third unfortunately. I know how hard this is and I have been out of work for almost two years. I wish everyone looking the best and hope this helped someone.
I would like to ask what are the best jobs sites and who are some of the best recruiters? Anyone using just LinkedIn?


Any chance you can share some of your more successful prompts?

Removed the music…

Can you also share the replay of the last workshop you had with Ai integration to job search?
I am looking forward to watching it!

Here you go:

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