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I recently applied for a design job that requested a link to my portfolio. I haven’t created a website for my work for a few reasons, one being fear of my work being stolen. I’m worried I won’t get an interview because I didn’t provide a link, even though my qualifications perfectly fit the position. Usually I will upload a copy of my portfolio in PDF form, but I didn’t have an opportunity to in this case (online job portal). Now I’m thinking it would be best to cover my bases and just create an online version. What are some good options for creating an online portfolio? I’d rather not make an entire website. I have tried Style Portfolios in the past but I felt it looked too unprofessional.


How long ago did you try StylePortfolios?

A lot of people use Behance. Some of the top design, and creatives use it for a portfolio. It’s easily editable, and you can control who accesses. Otherwise I recommend using Wordpress to get yourself started on a website. Wix is terrible, stay away from that.

2 Likes isn’t as elegant as having your own site BUT it is actively promoted to fashion industry recruiters, design directors and hiring managers. From a job search/freelance standpoint, it is a good strategy to to have your portfolio on multiple sites; using your personal site (if you have one) as the one you submit for applications.

Wix is really easy to build a nice looking site on and you can password protect projects so clients can see but not the public.

I always felt the same way but the companies doing the hire want to save time and see some examples before they bother to interview. I would definitely use Behance and give them the link. If you aren’t familiar, it’s part of Adobe Creative Suite, and as someone else pointed out, it’s only shared with those you want to share with. Good luck!

I created a portfolio using GoogleSlides (kind of like PowerPoint), so I can send a link for jobs that I can not include a PDF portfolio. I didn’t want to have my portfolio publicly online, but didn’t want to use a “free service”.


Have you tried a flip book? You can go to and upload your PDF version of your portfolio into a flip book. It’s very simple. Then you can copy the URL and use that as a link where they can view your work without it just being out there. You can add an expiration date on it also so they cannot keep visiting it.

Or, you can make a super simple website on godaddy and have it password enabled so it is not open to the public. Not sure if this will work though unless they have a section where you can leave the password.


I agree. Putting something up on StylePortoflios is a good place to start. They could hire a techie to make it look nicer if they wanted to invest a little…but the site is functional. It works for me!

It’s better to have a crappy looking portfolio with something for people to see, than nothing. Or you can make a website with a short bio and just have it say “portfolio available upon request” except I doubt you’ll get the same amount of interest from employers wanting to hire you. They like to look at stuff.

Also, people stealing designs has become the norm. Not even watermarks seem to get in the way anymore. Use Photoshop, anyone? And once your idea is out there, people copy. Or just put commonly used designs in your online portfolio such as a polka dot or a stripe.

Or even Dropbox. It’s just the same as a pdf, but you can email a link

I seriously reccomend Behance. Some of the top Creative Directors, Artists and Designers post there. Platform is easy to use and edit as well. Also I recommend creating a wordpress website, if you don’t have a website already. Cheap, smart, easy to use with lots of support.

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I have behance.
But maybe you can do google drive pdf and share the link when applying

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I use Coroflot. Its free and easy to share. I like the edit functions as well.

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Since I already pay for adobe suite, I use Adobe Portfolio to build my online portfolio. Buy my domain for $12 (on google domains) and then I have a really professional site.

how is adobe portfolio different from Behance? Better?

I’ve never used behance. Adobe Portfolio let’s your use your own domain for free, unlike wix and square space.