Which jobs need Portfolios?

The portfolio question is a great mystery to me. As a pattern maker, I’ve not had to have a portfolio, but I’m not sure if that’s the norm? I’m trying to work into a more technical design or development role. Please tell me if I need to come up with a portfolio for these jobs. If so, any tips you have on what they should include or not include would be so helpful!


I am a technical designer and I always bring my portfolio to interviews. It’s a physical one in a folder. (Not online though). It includes styles I worked on (like line sheets with images), tech packs with my comments. I also like to include before and after pictures of samples like first proto and TOP sample to show how bad it looked and how well it looked at production.


I am a Pm /TD. I use a portfolio website, I find it helps me a lot with getting interviews, particularly with people who don’t really understand what we do (which is most people, let’s be honest).

I have a section for technical sketches. Another section for comments where I show progression from 1st fit to final and pattern corrections done (screen shots with drawings on top) or photo-comments.

Lastly I have a section just for pattern making, where I have a screen grab video me doing some basic stuff in whatever pattern making program.

I also have a page about me with photos and background info. I learned that including pics of yourself and some personal info helps create a connection that might land you the job over someone equally qualified without this connection point.

I use Squarespace and find it’s very easy to use!


I’m a TD and haven’t gotten asked to show a portfolio in years (maybe 8-9 years). Any job I apply for in the past 5-ish years has only asked for TPs I’ve done, maybe 2-3 of more complicated styles (technical jackets or similar) and that’s it, if anything. Most jobs now are word-of-mouth or recs so they already know/know of my work. The times I did bring my beautiful portfolio on an iPad (with a website to match), it was flipped through EXTREMELY quickly (not long enough to pay attention to anything) and my website barely got any hits–but I would get the job offer. :woman_shrugging:
I didn’t find it worth paying to host my website worth it anymore personally. Your mileage may vary!


I am a TD and Product Developer, semi retired. I always bring a small portfolio showing TP’s of the most complicated styles, geared to the product of the company that I am interviewing with if possible. Included in my TP’s are very detailed technical sketches. I agree with the other folks here: showing the progression of a style with fit comments is essential. Any additional photos showing your patternmaking expertise will only show your strengths. Keep it brief. I also have PDF’s of the above ready to email if asked. Good luck!

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