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Hi guys what website do you recommend to create your online fashion design portfolio? I know there’s a style portfolio site but has many distractions. Want a clean blank slate and professional type. Free or with a fee

I agree, Style Portfolio tends to look a bit amateurish. I would recommend Coroflot. It’s easy and free.

Sure it needs a redesign but StylePortfolios is the only portfolio site that is actively promoted to fashion industry hiring managers.

I used Google Slides and sent relevant links to specific work to interested parties and once they have reviewed or we are no longer in conversation, you can restrict viewing of the work, so its not just out there.


I built my website on a squarespace template and it looks really professional, and it was pretty easy to figure out how to do it. It took a little bit to understand it (Gen x!) but really, if I could figure it out, then anyone could!
It’s not free, and you need a domain name, which you can get on either squarespace or something like godaddy… but it looks really nice, and it’s easy to update/add images, or even create private links/portfolios. About $20/month

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I also use squarespace and I love it! So easy to use and nice and clean. Plus you can keep it updated on an app with your phone, so you can quickly add a photo you just took or easily create a blog on the go. I think it’s worth the $ for a professional looking website.

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The most affordable option is to buy your domain from google domains and then (assuming you already pay for Adobe) use Adobe Portfolio ( to create and publish the site for free. Link your purchased domain and it will make your site look more professional.

Personal websites are great. I would however, recommend using a portfolio service also so that recruiters and hiring managers can find you.

Content. Have great content. Where it is posted is not important. Have great design that easy to view…ok…but the site? If the site is the driving force for who is hiring go elsewhere. They should be looking for great design and a good fit. I am a graphics person. The web page or site should be vital for me. It hasn’t been. Have a good resume…great references…then show good work.

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I used Wix. Very easy with clean, blank pages. Here’s mine for your reference:

I didn’t pay for the top banner to be taken off. I think it’s a nominal fee to not have that.

Couldn’t agree more. Too much emphasis is being paid to fabulous websites, digital portfolios, etc. But the truth is, word of mouth is still the best way to get a job. If you’ve been doing a good job, people will pay attention, will recommend you and it really won’t matter if your portfolio is on Coroflot, Squarespace or a simple Power Point.


I also used square space. It was the only one that seemed easy to use.

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I am also on squarespace. It’s pretty easy to figure out, looks great, works well on mobile and on a computer.

Does a Tech Designer need an online portfolio?

It wouldn’t hurt. Particularly if you are skilled at technical drawings and detail callouts.

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I’m a tech designer & patternmaker. I’ve found having visual examples of my work (tech sketches, pattern corrections, before and after fit photos, examples of finished product) has helped me secure higher level jobs. I think having a website as a tech designer isn’t as common, so if you have one, you definitely get noticed.

Just be careful with any proprietary info. I always delete style numbers & brands, crop photos to remove model faces. Don’t publish anything that’s not out on the market yet. The point is to show YOUR input but not overshare about the company. Of course it will be clear what company it is if it’s the only place you’ve worked on your resume… but at least you can be discrete.

I would also showcase some nice photos of you! Maybe doing some work or professional photos. Hiring managers or potential bosses might connect to you more deeply if they can see your face and know a bit about you. When it’s this person or that person and each is equally qualified, they are going to pick the person they have a stronger personal connection to. So sharing a bit about yourself, what your hobbies are, what inspired you to be a tech designer etc, this will be crucial to making that connection.

Keep your website clean, easy to navigate and delightful to look at. Be professional but don’t cut out all character, you still want your personality and passion to shine though.

I hope this helps!


@LucyAnn your are so amazing, thank you for your valuable input.

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Thank you! Great advice!

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I did mine on carbonmade. Password protected with a monthly fee of $12.

super easy to use & can track when viewed.