O Cloud by Optitex Reviews?


I’m looking for a way to share 3D renders from Optitex with those who do not have Optitex. I see that Optitex offers an “O/Cloud” service: O/Cloud – A Robust SaaS Platform for 3D collaboration - Optitex but it doesn’t have a price (and I have a feeling they charge you as much as they can for it!).

Has anyone used O/Cloud? As usual, there is basically no info about it other than directly from Optitex, so I’d love some non-biased feedback on the matter. Is it similar to CLO-SET? Easy to use? Worth the $$?

Alternatively, I believe we could export the file as a .FBX and then it can be imported into the 3D program of the other person’s choice (like CLO). Has anyone experimented with this?


Have you tried OptiTex Runway Viewer? I believe it’s a free download for your customer.

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Oh, I didn’t know about this, thank you!!