Need a provider for General Liability Insurance for technical design

Hi freelancers! I just started a new freelance gig (previously I’ve only worked full-time) and my contract requires that I get General Liability Insurance. I’ve been trying to get a quote from Hiscox (recommended through Freelancers Union) but I just spoke on the phone with someone who said they “don’t cover my business” (I’m an apparel technical designer). Anyone have any recommendations for providers or have a different type of policy through Hiscox?

Would also be curious to hear stories from people who have this type of insurance and have had to file claims - I assume this is pretty rare?

Hi Are you sure they don’t mean general health insurance. I was a design / technical design freelancer for 3 years before getting my first full time job and I have to say I have never had general liability insurance. Usually if there is a disagreement or injury you would just end the relationship than collect the pay owed to you. I got general liability insurance for my real estate license but never for fashion because there’s usually no situation to warrant such protection.

Hi, I’ve been a freelancer for quite a few top brands out there and no one EVER ask to see a general liability insurance. I echoed the other responder, are you sure it’s not general life insurance? Best course of action will be taking this back to the person who’s hiring you, chances are this may be a generic contract and that they forgot to cross out that requirement.

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It’s definitely not in reference to health insurance, there was a separate clause about that. I think it’s possible that it’s a generic contract, but I’ve also spoken to another designer who does have GL insurance so it’s not unheard of.

Thank you both for your input!

Yes some companies require General Liability. I have it through HISCOX and they required information about my business (an LLC) and about the company I was working for. My business produces runs based on sample through production for film promotion. It’s not cheap. If you own a residence you may already have general liability, or can get it. Perhaps through a renter’s policy? General Liability is required for all phases of pattern through costume in the entertainment segment so maybe restate your role as contract sample production of something similar?

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thank you @Xanthan9 that’s very helpful!


While I think having general liability insurance is a great idea if you are running your own freelance business, I believe you could push back on this being part of your contract. Basically the company hiring you is saying they aren’t going to take responsibility for your work, which seems kind of shady. If they are a company of their own and they are hiring on contract (not just a job here or there) I don’t think it should be on your shoulders to provide the insurance if something should go wrong.

I have had a few places try to get me to sign contracts that make me take full responsibility of anything that could go wrong, I just say “no”. Or make them share the cost of the insurance.

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