Starting My Own Fashion Brand During COVID

Hi! I am a designer who lost my job without furlough back in the beginning of April. This was heartbreaking because I was getting interviews for great jobs/companies. Now, with the extremely high competitiveness of applying for new jobs and getting no interviews, it’s pushing me to want to start my own brand.

Does anyone have any advice or input on starting a fashion brand during COVID? Seems like a challenging yet possible opportunity.

Any input is much appreciated. Thank you!


So personally I am a technical designer, but I have heard of a few groups/organizations that help to start a fashion business.

Have you tried to look up CFDA for their resources? There was also a place called RaiseFashion that specializes in small businesses to start. Then there is Small Business Alliance and with resources.

If anything, I recommend to google where to start, but another thing to make note of is that you may need 500K+ to start the business. This may require an Angel Investor.


Hi Sodapop 31!

I was in the same exact position. I was laid off at the end of April too and with no one hiring I decided it was the perfect time for me to do what I’ve always wanted to do. So I started slowly working on a clothing line of my own. I am still doing a lot of freelance so its slow going but I’m working towards something and that makes me happy. I am working with a factory that I used to work with on my development. It’s scary, a lot of money going out right now and probably nothing coming in for the next year. But… if you can wait that long and do some freelance gigs to keep you going I totally recommend that you go for it. Designers are getting paid less and less now. I just saw an ad for an "experienced designer for $21 hr. Ya right and no thanks. If there aren’t jobs for us then we need to create our own. If you need any further insight, let me know. It’s all new to me too but I’d be happy to help in any way I can. Good luck!!!


A lot of designers want to do their own thing. If you don’t have any business sense. I would forget it. You have to creative, self marketing, and your own accountant. Money. It takes a bunch to get started. Retailers aren’t buying big brands. You have to ask what your brand is going to bring to the table to make people buy/invest/care.


Hi there, congrats on your new venture! What type of input/help do you need? If you need marketing advising happy to help:)


Have you checked out this company called Spec’d Studio? They have workshop that teaches you how to launch your brand from nothing. My friend took it and raved about it. The founder was featured multiple times on Accessories Council. Hope this helps.


I’m also starting my own brand while waiting for the economy to bounce back. I am in my forties and frankly this ageist industry is getting to me. I just can’t handle being treated as second class to younger designers despite having an amazing resume and making millions for my past employers who hogged all the credit for my hard work. I’m trying to use this downtime fruitfully but it is kind of lonely to do this brand building without being in a creative environment. Anyone interested in being a co founder? Lol.


Hi, I was reading your offer to help someone with marketing advice when starting their own business. I too am in the same position. Any advice for a small sole proprietor start up in marketing and sales would be greatly appreciated. I would love to hear your thoughts. Best, PJ

Hi. I saw your post on “the schmatte” and were you serious about the co founder comment? Im starting something small myself but having someone to bounce ideas is something I find that I could use. Even if we do not work together i think an open dialogue and mutual support would be welcome to both of us.

Are you in NYC?

Looking forward to your reply.


Yes, was serious. I’m New York based.Can you DM me? If not, totally would love to get/give feedback on the designs.

need at least 1 million to open the doors

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