LOCATION LOCATION - How remote are we?

Curious what the feedback has been from existing companies who are opening up to the idea of hiring talent that may not be “local.” Is telecommuting and virtual roles - whether mid-level up to C-suite truly going to become the new normal? As people interview for jobs amidst COVID19 layoffs, new strategies, new opportunities - is the “new normal” really virtual for staff and leadership?


I sure hope so, now that I live in Barcelona, where jobs are scarce and pay pennies compared to jobs in the US. For tech design and patternmaking I think it’s hard, as most designers I’ve worked for really want you present in the fitting. I think it would be harder for me to see a fit problem through my laptop monitor than IRL. But if I got that 5k monitor I saw the other day…

Companies doing 3D development would benefit from remote tech design and patternmaking. But for companies who don’t use it I think it could be hard.


I’m also hoping the industry becomes much more open to remote candidates; it would be such a boon to my job search. As a designer, I’ve successfully worked remote in the bridal/social occasion categories, but those companies had their systems well in place, including on-site assistants handling various admin duties; I flew in for fittings, sketch selections, etc. and of course the overseas studio visits. I spoke with a recruiter a couple of weeks ago and asked him about this; he said he’s seeing companies being a little more open to this option, BUT most of them just don’t have systems in place right now to successfully carry it off, so it will be a while, I think.


Wild isn’t it??? Silicon Valley boomed over 10 years ago, startup tech continues to lead as does ecommerce - once again - and companies are still weak in their technical infrastructure. “Hope” seems to be the theme of America across multiple channels :wink: