Does 'remote' exists?

i dont want a work from home scheme. i am looking for an actual remote job (FT/PT). Right nows most places are temporary only. Anyone have any insights on remote jobs?

Can you explain the difference?

Remote or Work From Home (WFH)
so right now many companies are temporary remote while they figure out covid saftey to bring people back.
Thats all well and great, but i would love an actual remote/WFH position, either FT or PT remote/PT in office.
With everything that happened I would think more companies would go remote, but im not seeing that yet.
I was wondering if anyone else was seeing the same thing.

I really think it depends on the company. Typically fashion is a pretty old fashioned, “butts-in-seats” kind of mentality. Some places are more laid back, but there are many that have actual BELLS that announce when you can take your break. I don’t see these old school places changing, even if they have had to allow some work-from-home during COVID. Many of them are treating this pandemic as a huge inconvenience, and can’t wait until they have everyone back in their seats again. (Some already have everyone back at work, social distancing be damned!).

Then there are other companies that have really learned to embrace their technology, and have learned to work remotely-not just to get by when they are forced to, but to actually see that it has many benefits. Places like google and Facebook have announced that some people may never need to go back to the office. And hopefully there will be some apparel companies that embrace this new working situation and allow it to continue, even after the pandemic is gone. Unfortunately, I think these companies are few and far between.

Ultimately, it depends on what your role is, and you have to keep in mind that many fashion professionals are intimately involved with the hands on process of creating real, physical products. There will still need to be people who go to an office to do style-outs; to see & torch fabrics and samples; to do fittings; to test fabric handfeels and lab dips and strikeoffs.

If you are in ecom, or UI/UX, then most likely you can find a remote position. But if you are involved in product, there is probably a chance you’ll have to go to an office at least part time.

(I personally love working from home- no commute! no worrying about what to wear!- and I can do 80% of my job at home. BUT I still have to go into the office to do fittings, touch fabrics, etc- even now. Good luck!)


Yah there are companies that have planned to wfh until the end of the year like Adidas, Columbia Sportswear, some areas of Tapestry/Coach.

I see many jobs posted on LinkedIn as remote, yet it seems that the vast majority of those hiring have no clue what the term means.

Either it’s remote until things return to “normal”.
Remote a few days a week, and then in office.
Remote based on location. For example working remotely only if you live in New York.

To me remote means working from anywhere in the world, as long as you can keep the business hours your employer requires.

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