Let’s Talk Accessories

I wanted to open up this space for accessories professionals. I know about lay offs at Tapestry and some at Tory. Anything about MK or smaller brands?

I heard all the Gap brands laid off their softgoods accessories people, and Nordstrom laid them off or shifted them into other rolls that weren’t accessories

Sadly I’m an Accessories Designer whose position was eliminated because accessories are a “nice to have” and not a need to have.

Which company? Small or large?

I wonder if transitioning into Home Accessories would be a better move. Who knows how long this will take to balance out…

Fairly large company with a couple of divisions - each one handled differently. It’s always been difficult to find accessory design positions (outside of New York). I would absolutely transition into Home if possible. I have basic skills for apparel too but have been accessory focused for 15 years. I do think a career change/shift is inevitable

@Kitty43 in NYC it is also tough at higher levels. I am still doing a few freelance projects, but I am transitioning out. Contemporary leather bags were already hit hard, I don’t have much hope for any improvement in the near future.

Anyone work in performance/sport accessories? That category was already building steam, and I’d imagine it would continue to have a little more momentum in our new landscape.

I do soft accessories, I’ve always done ski stuff, but I’m getting more and more requests for golf/ tennis/ biking and of course, everyone wants performance features within their fashion items. With COVID it’s been a lot of Anti-microbial/ bacterial fabrics and masks, of course.

Most of my bag design has been nylon and canvas utility style bags so I could easily transition Into fitness bags. I’m also very into fitness so know what a good bag needs!! It’s just so difficult finding accessory design positions outside of NYC. I’ve done bags, headwear, bathing product etc so have broad category experience. Definitely trying to figure out how else to apply my skill set right now.

@Kitty43 where are you based? There are opportunities for that kind of design in California and the Pacific Northwest.

I am currently based in Florida!! I Would consider relocating for the right opportunity

Home industry has been decimated.

I work for a large licensed accessories company. We laid off about half of our staff throughout the last 12 months. It has stabilized now, and all the people that are left feel happy to be employed, but our workload is more demanding and not going to the office to see trim libraries, Material books has made everything much harder and time consuming. We have been asked to assimilate to a totally new working environment, and for obvious reasons raises and bonuses were cut this year. I really like what I do. Designing licensed products is like a puzzle that needs to be solved, it’s challenging and rewarding when it goes well. But right now it feels like an ungrateful slog.

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