I have a side hustle but is still looking for a regular job!

Hi Everyone!
I want your opinion(s). I have created my own brand but I am also looking for a “real” job. I sent resumes out for jobs I totally qualify for but never hear back. I am wondering if it’s because when “they” google me, my website comes up and it links to my online store come up etc…



Don’t shoot the messenger but it is my experience that recruiters/hiring managers will think you have divided loyalties. People who have side businesses and people who used to own their own business always have a harder time getting callbacks.

The other issue is that the gatekeepers on a lot of jobs have no idea what business owners do and as such, don’t know what to do with resumes like this. Mostly, they just go on to the next resume.

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Good point!
I heard a lot of people have side hustles now :frowning:
Guess I have to figure out how to hide my online presence. Which is too bad because I need that to build up my side business.
Thanks for your feedback.


It is harder to get callbacks if you admit to having a side hustle. I never listed my side business/freelancing on a resume until after the pandemic laid waste to the fashion industry and people started asking what I’d been doing since I am not a corporate employee at the moment. Registered an LLC and I pretend it’s a small private label business where I am a tech designer. If hiring managers think I am an “entrepreneur” I get ghosted. Downside-no website so I can camouflage having a side hustle. Upside- good network connections flows some projects to me. Good luck - it’s tough out there.


Absolutely. I’ve been told in several interviews this month that if I take the job I must give up my freelance. After I had to explain that I have been freelancing remotely for the last 2 years - when asked what I have been doing - because they want to know you’ve been working.


I am currently under an NDA which doesn’t allow me to to anything outside of work. With my last job, at the beginning of the pandemic, someone started making masks at home, when asked if she was going to be asked back to work, the response was: she’s making masks she doesn’t need to come back. I find people assume you’re not focused or whatever your doing is competition. Keep your site up if you want, but don’t mention it.


You’re last job sounds toxic.

a pandemic blessing no longer being there