How to get an agent/ artist representation from a talent agency? (Hair, MU, Wardrobe Stylist, Prop Stylist etc)

I have been struggling to get representation (as a wardrobe stylist) for a while now, not to mention the pandemic made the whole matter worst. Before anyone bashes me, I DO HAVE STYLING experience. I have assisted on projects for small clients and big clients with a professional stylist, I have also done some big e-commerce projects for major clients -this is ALL in my portfolio. I used to assist an amazing wardrobe stylist, he passed so suddenly. I lost a very important connection to the industry as well as a great mentor who changed my life and introduced me to the world of wardrobe styling. When I reached out to the agency he used to work for explaining my situation and how I would love to still work with them, they bashed and shammed me for asking for opportunities as if asking them was very insensitive towards his death when I referred to him as my connection.

Other times I’ve reached out to artist talent agencies and would be ignored by the agent, ghosted or they would tell me they love my work but never actually hire me for projects. I am a bit frustrated. What does it take to get represented? Most of my projects are found w/o agents by reaching out to clients or I have a few people who always reach out to me for specific projects. I see people with less experience become the agency’s prominent stylist and I have done bigger or more projects than them -what gives? Does anyone else has this issue?

I too am a wardrobe/fashion/editorial stylist. I also have a large background in marketing. I’ve found agents, and reps on the large, especially on LinkedIn, tend to ghost you, and/or just want a quick connect for their roster.
My advice (I am not repped), let them come to you. Develop your website, and quit worrying about getting repped. If they are interested, they should come to you, with a proper introduction and email. As well as a legit want or need to schedule a meeting. Otherwise ditch 'em. They are just ghosting using you.