How to Career Transition Out Of Fashion

Hi everyone!

I see many people who want to transition out of fashion and into something new. I wrote an essay about it based on my experience of leaving the industry to become a full-time mental health writer and launch a writing business. This is everything I have learned through years of therapy, getting a career coach to help me transition, and surrounding myself with people who have walked through the same path. I hope you have found this helpful and please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


As a mental health writer and someone who has worked in the tumultuous industry for 7-years, I have become the biggest advocate to remind you of your potential. I know it feels daunting to make a career change when you feel like all you know is fashion, but I can assure, when you take the leap and step out of what you know, you surprise yourself about your potential. People who have worked in this industry are talented, driven, and brave. You can do anything. Do not be afraid to take the leap. If I did, I know you can too.