How often do you follow up during a long interview process?

I interviewed for a position before the holidays. Timing wise, I had submitted my resume back in August so it took them several months to get back to me for an interview. They were very responsive during this process, requested a project, which I submitted, and were again very responsive following my submittal of the project. Since then…complete silence. I have reached out asking for feedback but did not receive a response. What do you do in this scenario? Keep reaching out? And how often? Or, assume they’ve moved on to other candidates?

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I would follow up again two weeks after your last follow up and if you still don’t get any response I would simply move on.
If the employer really wants to hire / get in contact with you they will for sure be in touch.


I would also check their website to see if they produce your designs


Hi There,
I don’t know if your casually looking or in desperate need of employment. But, I like to follow up once a week until I get an absolute no. If they really are getting a high volume of applicants then I think its important to keep following up so that they know that you’re serious about being hired. Im currently unemployed but, I interview at least once a month. I am careful not to submit any really good projects for fear of the greedy companies taking advantage of my need of employment. It’s sad how mean this industry can be so only send a project that shows you have skills but not finalized enough for them to take to an actual meeting.Do keep checking the website and store for you’re work in different colors or prints also I like to submit the same work to a lot of companies.

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Did you submit the project via e-mail or was it in person? You may have been robbed!

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