Interview Process

So many unemployed due to Covid. A common thread is frustration with HR and recruiters ghosting or giving no feedback after candidates invest in calls, video and projects. Disrespectful and not helpful. Let us share our stories not as shaming but so we can collectively manage expectations as we pursue roles and get discouraged.


All Senior/Director Roles:

Claire’s - 1 call with HR showing interest, next step scheduling another call with exec, 3 follow ups on my end with “you’re still a candidate” replies from HR, then silence

Old Navy - 1 call with HR showing interest, next step scheduling interview with Director, 1 follow up on my end, no reply.

Trove - 1 call with HR, 1 Zoom with exec, received automated rejection, no personal email

Saks - 1 call with HR, Zoom with exec, 3 follow ups and told I was still a candidate and to be patient, 4th follow up HR says they hired someone

Wilson - professional and communicative process, 2 Zooms, 1 recorded video project

Alexis - 1 call with exec, 1 follow up, told to stay tuned, ghosted


Here’s my take…and it is applicable whether we are in the middle of a pandemic or not. A job candidate can be the most professional, but if a recruiter, HR person, or whoever interviewed you chooses to be unprofessional and decides to ghost you…they will. I’ve been ghosted by people who reached out to me for jobs I didn’t even apply for…they saw my resume online…I’ve also been ghosted for jobs I’ve applied to as well. Ghosting has always gone on…but this experience has definitely become apart of “job seeker culture” within the past 10 years.

During interviews, I have even asked what is the estimated time the company plans on choosing their final candidate. I have followed up with the proper thank you email within 24 hours of the interview…then followed up again around the time the company said they would choose a candidate…and no response. The fashion industry and recruiters typically treat people on a “need you” basis. I’ve had companies AND recruiters leave me a voicemail and follow up with an email minutes later about a job opportunity…yet somehow they forget how to operate their phone and email after a meeting :unamused: ?!? There is way too much technology (phone, email, even linkedin) where companies don’t have an excuse to take 2 to 5 minutes to let a candidate know.

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You are so right. Professionalism goes unmatched. I still send a hand written thank you even though I know they aren’t in office. Old school, and I am young!

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Similar situation with me on the Old Navy. Recruiter showed interest asked to stay in touch and will follow up within a week. Followed up on my end and no response.

These days, I am so grateful to the recruiters/HR when they do follow through and respond back to me. I am truly grateful. :heart:
The people that ghost seriously have no manners. At least respond, you know what I am saying?! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

What is killing me is that I have had 5-7 different interviews , all with very positive feedback and then told I am not right for the job. I find this is very disrespectful to the candidate. Let alone, how much extra time do the executives have to interview?

I have so many thoughts around the interview process, being on both sides of it (interviewer/wee).
I know for a fact companies seek a “comparable candidate”just as a comparison to measure up the skills and culture fit of the candidate (They want to hire) for confirmation. It’s annoying ! A waste of everybody’s time ! This was a big pet peeve of mine as a hiring manager Hr would push this process on us.
Currently on the receiving end of being the comparison candidate I can tell you it confirms my opinion it really sucks!!! I completed a round of 3 interviews where I know for a fact I was the comparison!!