Ghosting - what to do?

What’s up with the HR / recruiter’s ghosting ?
I’m not talking about not hearing back after sending a resume . I’m talking about after 1,2+ interviews or when a company reaches out 1st and then you reply but then they disappear with out a word. When did this behavior become acceptable and is there anything you can do ? It’s very demoralizing.


I’m over the ghosting. I’ve done full projects for companies and then never heard back. Being asked to come in for a second interview never hearing back. My favorite was having a phone interview scheduled and I followed up day of to confirm and was ghosted day of interview.

I would like to know if there’s anything to do about this also. It’s beyond frustrating to go through the whole process. A lot of the times completing a project they asked for thinking you’re a serious candidate and then never hearing back.


I decided to start my own consulting company after being ghosted after 6 rounds of interviews with a company and being told I was the front runner and would hear the following week. This was for an executive role. I hear these stories all the time. I don’t have an answer for you, just know you’re not alone and it’s not you. People seem to have this misconception that it’s preferable not to deliver bad news. I personally would have rather been told I was a strong candidate, but that they went with someone else and be thanked for my time than just ghosted. I obviously did a lot of work to prepare for multiple rounds of interviews at a senior level.


I have been ghosted also many times. And in many circumstances I know people internally or even the president of the brand and still ghosted.

After 2 or 3 follows ups and no response you just have to assume you are not the candidate for them and move on. Remove it from your mind and if it comes back around it’s a bonus.

They presented you to the hiring manager and you were not a match
The hiring manager presented you to his or her boss and you were not a match
The role was put on hold
The role was canceled altogether
They filled the role internally or externally and didn’t inform the other candidates.

Etc etc

It’s the same lack of human compassion everywhere, unfortunately.

It’s only a rare few that will inform you every step of the way.

Good luck and keep at it.


I just read an article about recruiters being ghosted by candidates now and the writer had no sympathy considering all that candidates have been through in the past. It’s not OK on either side but hopefully with the labor shortage companies will be forced to stop treating people like trash.

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I always taught my employees to follow up with everybody: big, small, etc.
It doesn’t matter if you have an update or not, follow up. It’s an important part of being professional. These people do not need to call and explain, they can always hide behind their computers with an email (or even a text.) BUT it’s a great tool for all generations.

I would stop doing projects or start charging. They’re probable using you for free work.


Most companies have been doing this for years. It’s just now we have a title for it as ghosting. Sometimes I think it’s the inexperience of a lot of these HR or middlemen setting up these meetings and negotiations. I remember I had a great interview with Fila moons ago and I feel HR was in the way and holding tight on the salary, which I presume they thought my asking price was high. (eye-roll). The HR contact was back and forth on the salary and question here and there, this went on about 6 months, and I know the person I interviewed with wanted someone immediately. Sometimes it’s best to deal with the direct report directly if possible, and let HR come in at the end of the stage because I really don’t think they know what they’re doing most of the time and usually pass up some great candidates for subpar ones that get in the door.


Was the person ghosting you under age 40? It’s a generational thing,I believe.

@vetdesigner if I had to guess, yes, under 40 but not 25 either. She was a fairly senior person in the HR org. I am not overly sensitive, ie I don’t expect my application to always be acknowledged (it would be nice - but I know how many applications some of these roles get). Even if I just get a preliminary interview or two, I don’t become overly angry if I never hear back.

Would love to know your consulting company!