How do we pose questions on here without revealing our identity?

I have some questions I would like to ask about a specific company, but do not want someone from that company who may be on here reading it and figuring out who I am. Is our prior history of asking and answering questions on here private?
Can someone search us up by name and see our past activity to figure out who we are?

I am concerned about retaliation.

All I see is Vetdesigner, not your name. :slight_smile:

Can you see my previous posts or responses on this site?

I can only see posts by @Vetdesigner NOT anything with your actual name. Try for yourself using the search icon in the upper right-hand side. Search for your real name to see if anything comes up.

The idea behind this forum was for people to create confidential profiles so that they could discuss employment-related items anonymously, without fear of reprisal. Other than the people that used their real names when creating their profile name, it should work.

That’s the flaw. People can figure out who you ARE based upon your past posts, they do not even need your name to do it. If you review a company you worked at, it takes two seconds for anyone on here to go on LinkedIn, type in the company your reviewed, your job title based upon whether you disclosed your company role in your Schmatte post, and type “designer / company x” in the search bar and figure it out. Or, just have worked at the same company and look up your resume against past posts and company reviews.


There needs to be a privacy setting on your past posts.


Don’t put your exact title in posts?

Unless your questions are hyper specific, I am not sure how they would go about figuring out who you were you. It would take a lot of work to dig that deep, in my opinion. I mean i guess you could figure who I am based on some of my comments but you would have to really know me I think to figure it out. I mean go ahead and try. Even my hair color isnt the same in my linked in profile like what I use as my handle.

A lot of people ask about companies they are interviewing with on a pretty regular basis to get an idea of what to expect or how things function at that company.


I agree with you and understand what you are saying. Especially if someone knows your work experience, it can be cross referenced to your mentioning companies in posts.

Yes, I can see all of your past activity, posts, replies to other posts, on this site.

I see all past posts and responses, yes.