Usernames and Confidentiality

The Schmatte recommends that new users select a username that DOES NOT give away their identity.

If your current username DOES give away your identity, click on your initial (top right), then on your username and then on preferences. You’ll be able to update your username there.


Hi! I tried that but it isn’t allowing me to edit the username. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Did you click on the Pencil icon next to your current username?

There is no pencil icon to change username.

The system was set-up NOT to allow usename changes after 3 days. I adjusted that to a year. Refresh that page and you should be good to go.

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Thank you! It works. :+1:

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Thank you for the tip. Done.

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As someone who got fired the day after my boss saw me on TV, speaking out against the election results, I have never hid who I am and don’t see a reason to start now. True, it has hurt me, but I would rather not progress with or be hired by companies that can’t handle the real me. Yes, my employer’s action was illegal, but it’s easy for them to give other reasons. And it’s not like there weren’t other, better opportunities available.

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Why do you recommend usernames that do jot reveal identity

Isnt transparency key to progressive discussion

I’m not sure what you mean by “progressive” but our intent is to provide a forum that allows people to discuss work-related issues they can’t otherwise discuss on sites like LinkedIn or Facebook.

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