Which companies have stepped up?

Do you/did you work for a company that took the health and safety of its employees from the onset of the pandemic?

Yup, my agency is top notch when it comes to health, safety and holistic approaches. We actually have been 100% remote during this time and gave the whole company the summer off until August 1 to heal from the damages of looting in our SoHo HQ, irreparable PTSD caused from the death threats made to members for being Asian, Muslim or Black, and have vetted our brands for sustainable and ethical practices and let go of entire franchises, communities and corporate partnerships with brands and companies that are affiliated with toxic culture.


The company I worked for was not open to the idea of working from home before the pandemic and was really forced to in the end. For 3 weeks companies around us, in our building and surrounding areas were fleeing the city before our company. It was not a choice of putting the employees first but rather, a government order to do so.


The company I most recently worked w/ did not take the health/ safety of the staff seriously. It wouldn’t let us work from home until it was made mandatory. They don’t trust their staff unfortunately.


Yes my workplace and know of others companies in the industry that have been extremely cautious and flexible with employees healthcare and personal mental healthcare as well as childcare benefits

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Can we have company names ? So we know where it is good or bad? Thanks for the reviews everyone but without a name it is not useful.


sounds like outerwear company I know…HK?

Gerber Childrenswear

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I recall Gap being the first design studio to WFH (it was the first I heard of and I think it was two or three weeks before it became mandatory).


Are you saying that Gerber Childrenswear stepped up for their employees during the pandemic? If so, it is interesting that on another thread, someone listed them as a toxic workplace.

No, please see my initial post.


Does anyone know if forever 21 stepped up since the owners changed? Is anyone still working for them?

I agree. This will help us all with the job search. As much as I do my research about the companies before the interview, I still feel blinded. I’d like to pursue opportunities with excitement.

I believe Gap started WFH sooner than others because they had a COVID case in the office.

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