Fresh Graduate Here

It’s been extremely hard to find jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially, I already expected it to be difficult, since I’m an International on OPT visa, and fresh outta college. However, the scarcity of jobs is making me wonder how long more I have to keep trying. Now I am a hard worker, but I am just curious to know how long some of you have had to wait pre-covid. Any kind of advice would also be nice and I’d appreciate it a lot! It means a lot to me and will hopefully keep me motivated :slight_smile:

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Normally, an entry-level job seeker in NY or LA could land a job within a month. Now, it is impossible to say…

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It’s hard enough to be a fresh graduate, but I feel for you as it’s definitely even harder now. Agreed with the comment below that it’s fairly easy to find entry level positions, and gets harder with higher level/managerial positions, but it’s just a really tough time right now. Please don’t be discouraged if the process takes longer than you’d expect. My advice would be to be open to all kinds of opportunities, even internships. I did several unpaid internships when I was first starting out, and they led to better things (although I personally believe no one should have to work for free). Do anything to just get some experience under your belt. Best of luck!


The last job I landed it took me two months, and that was pre covid. I would image it’s going to be a little bit harder to find something. But you should do some research on Walmart, Target, and Amazon vendors and see if you can connect with anyone at those companies. I know that they are doing very well with sales and might be looking to hire. Now would also be a good time if you are in design to work on your portfolio. When I was on my last job search I was constantly asked for new work and projects. So while you have time just start putting together as much as you can.