Dream job or dream brand?

How important is it to you that you have a specific role/title vs working at a brand that you love? I always thought I would follow a design path. I’m at NYC and have done very creative design internships. I’m currently at a small studio brand that’s kind of trendy right now. I’ve been interning for almost a year now due to covid, and my boss has been wanting to hire me full time, but the cofounder said they don’t have the budget at the moment for it. They said it might be possible next season (that could last another 3 months?? :cry:) I’ve also been feeling very stressed and overworked for an intern, and I would be worried about what it would be like if I were full time.

Recently, I was contacted by a recruiter for a more technical role. Not much design involved, but applies hard skills I learned at school. Normally I would be very skeptical, however, it’s for an international high fashion luxury brand I love. I would be so proud to have the name on my resume and I wouldn’t mind the title that much either. I’ve gone through the phone screening and it went really well. The HR lady said I really fit the role. I would also get paid more than I would at any entry level positions at the moment. I know it’s not certain, but in case I move forward with the interview process, what other things should I think about/ask? What would you do? I’m also just curious what would be important to other people.

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You need to really think about what you need right now; and then also, what your bigger picture goals are and how to achieve them.
It sounds like your current internship is fun and creatively fulfulling. It also sounds like they aren’t paying you- and that they are dangling that carrot to get you to stay. However, there is not guarantee there is a job for you in the future… and most people, um, want to make money to pay for rent, etc.

Taking a good paying, though somewhat more technical job at a well known company is never a bad idea. You’ll get a great name on your resume, be able to hone your technical skills, and learn a new way/system of doing things. You’ll also meet new people and grow your network- all things that will benefit you in years to come.

If you find- in a year or two, that this job maybe isn’t really your thing, then at least you’ll have some great skills to help you in your job search.


Ask questions about how YOU can help the company and how YOU can contribute to the team. Recruiters HATE when candidates focus on “what’s in it for me?”.

@mymelody Do not spend a lot of time on questions about benefits, time off, perks, etc… Hopefully, the interviewer will give you that information before you feel the need to ask.

Obviously, you need to know about benefits BUT wait until the second interview; maybe until you get an offer.

agree with Twirlgirl. if you are not being paid, then pivot to a paid position, as the brand is high end. Make sure that you are making a decent salary for a beginner tech designer-$45K. Don’t work for free.


This is such great advice and :100: true. I would only add that you must be prepared to eventually leave the high end company as well. Sometimes you can hop over to another functional area if you correctly network internally but most do tend to silo people and if you stay too long the creative roles on your resume will be list under all of the technical experience. But otherwise I think it’s a great career move to go with the salary-building role for a time.


Sounds as though you are being blatantly used .


if you love the brand and they are giving you an opportunity to learn the more technical side plus more pay. I would take it as it’s giving you such a strong platform for your future. designers with good technical skills are highly valued. I would do a list of your pro’s and cons, money, flexibility, benefits, type of product, career growth…will you have to move/relocate? or is this role in NYC?


Thank you to everyone who replied! I just wanted to provide an update. I didn’t hear back for a month and was sure I didn’t get it, but I got a call this week for one last interview and was offered the job today! Because of all your advice, I was able to be more confident in the position for the interviews and ask the proper questions. I’m really excited to finally get paid for my work. :sob: :two_hearts: