COVID Vaccine - Jab or Job?

What would you do if your employer required you to take one of the COVID vaccines as a condition for your employment?

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My latest gig told me I was required to be vaccinated. The official date isn’t until November for the requirement but they gave us a small bonus if we provided proof before hand.

For me, I’d much rather employers be direct about what their expectations are in this area so I know what the code of conduct is. If I disagreed I could always work somewhere else. But I think knowing expectations from the outset is better than being unsure what’s being enforced.

At my last job I felt we did a pretty good job of being distant and wearing masks (I worked in person during this whole pandemic except for the initial month during lockdown) but they didn’t disclose to us always when someone had exposures or tested positive which really upset me. I had two instances where I had direct contact with someone who I later found out was waiting on test results. I’m very lucky I didn’t get covid, probably it helps I was pretty much always double masking!


I applied for a job a few weeks ago. When HR contacted me they asked me if I had been vaccinated. This was before the mandate too.

We need to get vaccines to go to school why not work?


Here are the results of the survey…

I BELIEVE EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A CHOICE and you should not be discriminated against (or be required to endure retaliation-like consequences) if you don’t follow what the majority pushing. FURTHERMORE, what a person chooses to do with their body is none of my business (thats between them/their-doctor and GOD).


I say don’t ask don’t tell. A friend has a daughter that was being scouted for a Field Hockey scholarship and after the shot ended up with muscle problems around her heart and cant play fow a few months, being told its a “side effect that will go away”… I had a small heart condition a year ago that required surgery, so no thanks. Would they like to be held responsible for what happens to me after the shot, when insurance doesn’t kick in until after 3 months of employment perhaps?


In your case, not getting the vaccine would be, after verification from your doctor, medically necessary. Instead of getting the shot you would be Covid tested weekly. This information is easily accessible on the website or from your HR department.


Here’s the thing, you’re not being forced to do anything. As you have the right to opt out of getting the vaccine, your employer has the right to set the rule requiring the shot for employment with their company. If you don’t approve, then don’t work there. It’s very simple. This is not discrimination, it’s company policy…the two are not the same.


Odd. I don’t feel forced at all. Not sure where that came from and all of that…
But I’ll let her know. Her situation was required by a college. Thanks!

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“You” refers to all not you as an individual

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In a better industry, insurance would be available on your first day of work.
it is that way for new hires in tech and banking. Our industry is just notoriously cheap.

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Co-opting phrases like “discrimination” and “my body, my choice” is inflammatory and a false dichotomy. Let’s apply that logic to a different situation; “It’s my personal choice to drive drunk, and what I do with my body is between me, my doctor, and my god. If someone dies or gets seriously ill because of my choices, to hell with them”

When one’s personal choice affects the greater public safety, that argument doesn’t apply. Plus, in this country a employer can tell you what clothes to wear, how to style your hair, can attempt to prescribe your behavior outside of the office. Not getting the vaccine and getting fired is a CONSEQUENCE of one’s choice, not discrimination. No one is being forced to get the vaccine. If one feels forced to get the vaccine because they NEED to work, blame capitalism. If people were actually being forced to get the vaccine, this wouldn’t even be a conversation.


Anyone who gets the vaccine can still get and spread Covid. So to be required to inject ones body with something they do not want for the sake of a " set rule " is ridiculous. And for Company Policy to include that makes absolutely no sense. It has nothing to do with how well they can do their job, in fact there have been adverse reactions that can cause problems that WOULD hinder them doing their job.

I think it’s rather heartless to say “If you don’t approve, then don’t work there” When this State has already suffered a lot and some people have families to feed and cannot afford to take time to switch jobs as if it’s just a touch of a button. And all for the sake of newly created vaccine being forced that doesn’t even work and if anything goes wrong can’t be held liable.

It has caused heart problems, blood clots, reproductive problems, brain fog and memory loss amongst other things and they want to force people to get this over an illness that has a 99.8% recovery and (that is even you even catch it.)

This vaccine is not like the others we got for school, if it was medical professionals wouldn’t be willing and have walked away from their livelihood in order to not take it.

Demand education, demand experience, demand interviews but companies should not demand someone to be inject in their bodies (the only one they have) with a something we do not know what will be the long term effects of.


Hope the mods just delete this completely non factual comment.


I respect your POV. What part of it do you think is not factual? I can send you some links if you’d like, I mean that is if you are willing to consider that it just may be or if you know for a fact that it is not.


I won’t work for a company that doesn’t require vaccinations and masks for the unvaccinated. I don’t drive drunk, either, and I’m vaccinated because I care about others. It’s selfish and irresponsible to think this is an individual’s choice. It’s not. You can Infect and cause the death of a child by spreading covid.



You actually have to get infected with COVID to spread it. So to say that vaccinated people spread COVID just as much as unvaccinated people is absolutely false. You are less likely to get COVID if you are vaccinated. An you cannot spread something you do not have.

That last part is something the CDC should have emphasized in all of the communication about COVID and vaccination.

Vaccinated patients are less likely to get COVID because the vaccine neutralizes the infectious particles.

And even if a vaccinated person gets COVID, they are less likely to get severe illness.
Over 700,000 Americans have died from COVID. So what part of that are people having a hard time understanding?

I am immunocompromised, and I spoke to my doctors at length about the pros and cons of the vaccine; getting vaccinated was a heck of a lot better of a decision than risk getting COVID as that would have put me six feet under. I spoke to my doctors, not Dr. Facebook or people with no medical degrees to get the facts. I also recently got a booster.

Go to this website and look at the sobering data that is updated each minute: Coronavirus Dashboard

Worldwide, 4,877,527 people have died. In 1918-20 during the spanish flu pandemic, 5 million died. And we have a fricking vaccine.

The whole thing is sad.


Thank you. Finally some common sense!


You are wrong and have no legitimate documentation for the falsehoods you are spreading. Covid is deadly - 700,000 and still counting - and the vaccine saves lives. Period. The 3 doctors in my family didn’t hesitate to get the vaccine and were enormously grateful to receive it. This vaccine is no different than the ones you received as a child. The only difference is the social media propaganda that is killing people who are believing that garbage. I know a lot of people who died before the vaccine was available. It’s a gift; a miracle that scientists labored to create for 2 decades so they could save our lives.