NYC Requiring COVID vax for Private Sector Employees

It was announced recently that NYC is requiring employees of private-sector companies to be vaccinated against COVID.

StyleCareers conducted a survey recently and found that 28.7% of fashion industry professionals would quit their job if they were required by their employer to take one of the COVID vaccines. How do you think this will impact fashion industry employment?

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I just posted a similar question, i think smaller companies have not been following the CDC mandates since the pandemic. I don’t think those smaller companies will be impacted, most are managed by the family circle and who’s going to be cracking down per company? or maybe now these smaller companies will relook at their needs and start opening “remote” jobs?
We will have to wait and see how the dust settles…if it does.


How many people in this industry stay at a job for at least six months, or longer than 1 year? Or 2 years?

Not many. And to be vaccinated and then fired shortly after? Think about that. For those unvaccinated, that is the worst scenario. They need a job for money. Getting vaccinated to not be able to stay at the job that just hired them is a slap in the face, pain in the arm, in addition to being unable to pay for essential needs for their well-being.

There’s more to each vote than just a yes or no. Some people were rich before the pandemic, and absolutely nothing has affected them. Some people were really struggling and now they are still homeless. Some people were in the middle, and their bank accounts are unstable month-by-month, still not knowing whether they’ll have food/shelter for their families each day, since it can change any moment.

Just make the right decision for YOU.


How many people took the survey?

I’m really not sure why this is such a hugh issue… you get vaccinated to go to school, why not work???


@BrooklynDesigner, 971 people completed the survey. The put that into perspective, most presidential polling data that you see on the news usually poll around 100 people.

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As soon as they said Private Sector, I knew it was Fashion. I know a lot buildings are requiring vaccinated people only to work inside.

@grandpoobah but if the respondents aren’t working in NYC, how is the survey results relevant to a city ordinance?

Only 8.4% of NYC residents over the age of 18 have not been vaccinated according to the city’s data as of 12/27/21. That means 91.6% have received at least one dose, and 82.8% are fully vaccinated.

NY state is at 82.9% at least one dose, NJ 82.8%, CT 87.8%, which would apply to commuters.

So, I don’t think the ordinance will have any significant effect and the vast majority of people are already vaccinated in the Tri-State area.

@BrooklynDesigner, The issue isn’t having the vaccine or not but rather employers REQUIRING the vaccine. Intellectually, a person can be pro-covid vax but against state-mandated medical coercion; similar to disagreeing with someone’s views but supporting their First Amendment rights?

We didn’t publish the deeper-dive data BUT the NY Fashion Industry (home office, not stores) was less vaccinated than the general population of the city and the rest of the nation. Interestingly, Texas fashion industry professionals were MORE vaccinated than their NY counterparts.

To your point however, it is highly-likely that employment in the fashion industry may not be impacted by employer mandates.

@grandpoobah idk, it just seems like a non-issue

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