Looking for a Freelance Patternmaker, TD and/or 3D PM!


I’ve been working with this really sweet guy to help him launch a jacket & a few items, all made in NYC (I’m working for him remotely as a TD & PM).

I’ve recently gotten much busier with work and am looking for someone to take over this project.

He’s also really interested in 3D, if you have that ability?

Hi, I might be interested. Were you working freelance for him from home?

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Okay just read your post again and I see it says remote. I also have Browzwear so 3D not a problem. Can we chat offline? Not sure how to send you my info privately, do you know?

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Hi there,
I am definitely interested. I am a remote freelance PM with 3D capabilities, I believe you and I spoke awhile back about freelancing.


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