Conde Nast, or Conde Nasty?

I’m living with someone Conde screwed legally and financially and it is a mess. I decided to do my research on the company myself, because its the pinnacle to work at. Turns out its not. Its pretty brutal and anyone less than an executive is treated horribly. Fashion is always brutal, but Conde Nast seems to have earned the their nickname above. Is it true, or is my partner just being whiny?


It’s pretty obvious what’s going on in the building by how their employees treat strangers. The once “fancy” example of American fashion media will be undone by the staff’s (digital and otherwise) Inability to be a human IRL.


Actually there is a whole topic under Diet Prada about how Vouge/Conde Nast is having a diversity problem. They really don’t treat people well so it wouldn’t too far from the truth.


I’ll say that’s the truth for most fashion companies but ESPECIALLY Conde.
If you look more into those comments (I read them all) most arent just pissed about diversity, but also just job discrimination as women, which is even sadder, in a mostly women run industry.
I think Noor was the most important voice in that diversity conversation. They really misrepresented her COMPLETELY. As a person and race. Its was disgusting and all they did was send a small crappy apology.

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