Your White Boss (and co-workers too) -Not A RANT

The fashion industry can be a tough place to work at times, especially if you’re a poc/ bipoc climbing the fashion corporate ladder. I am not looking to make a rant-thread (but if you wanted to, you could!) -but to make a thread to discuss how we can better navigate our careers and improve our daily working lives as we deal with mico-aggressions from our good-intending white peers, childishly condescending comments from our white bosses or the ghosting of hiring managers. I am a bipoc and obviously I can’t speak for everyone’s personal experiences but these days I have been more vocal calling people out for their behaviors. It can be harder if it is your boss or your senior employee so it’s important how you properly word out what you’re going to say to them.

Had anyone dealt with experiences like these in the workplace? Have you tried to be vocal? Thoughts on combatting micro-aggression?

*This post may not be understood by some non-poc/ bipoc. Please open and understanding of comments from people who don’t look like you and their opinions. If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t comment and I suggest you make a thread of your own.


As a fellow POC I feel the need to tell you this thread name is very off putting. I’ve seen your comments on the site and agree with most of your thoughts. And what you want to discuss in this thread is a much need great conversation but you may be shutting ppl out of the conversation by their initial reaction to the name of the thread.

It’s a diversity thread, why can’t we talk these issues and not walk around eggshells. Stop attacking the name of the thread and actually talk about the question. Some ppl work in companies where they are the only POC and might want to talk about issues with their WHITE peers. So is white a bad word now? :roll_eyes: seriously.


The name of the thread is the 1st thing we see. So if it’s off putting how do you expect ppl to be comfortable about anything? It will automatically put them on guard. If you want a ppl to talk about things in an open manner you need to be welcoming to all who you speak about… not just to. I’ve worked at companies where I was the only POC. The issue most of us face is due to lack of diversity and those issues need to be discussed. White isn’t a bad word it’s how your using it. If I saw a post that said your black boss I’d feel the same. The issue you want to discuss is bigger than a white boss. If you want to talk about lack of diversity and the issues it’s causes why not name it that??


There are going to a lot of discomfort in these type of discussion and most bosses are…white… it’s not our job to make non-poc feel comfortable with their white fragility. This title was actually inspired by a harvard business review article called “Dear White Boss” by Keith A. Caver and Ancella B. Livers.

You do have a point that I could just make the title about “micro-aggression in the workplace” but I chose the tile I choose. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Totally agree that there will be uncomfortable topics and it’s not our job to make ppl comfortable about their fragility. I will definitely read the link you provided. :nerd_face:

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As a fair skinned “passing” black woman the things that I hear co workers and superiors have said in front of me is sickening. As a younger person I may have left the room or said nothing. As a more senior and respected designer I have found the voice to push back but it’s often seen as being sensitive or filling an angry black woman troupe. I don’t know what the answer is but I think it starts with not swallowing our discomfort so that we can have a seat at the table. We need to let everyone know that respect is the bare minimum. Keep your dumb comments to yourself.


Let me start with: I met so many nasty fashion people. Of course there are good people too.

I encourage everyone to speak up for what you stand for. I encourage myself to be more forthcoming too. Of course you need to assess the situation and think about your future in the company.
Complain to HR at least for the record, 99% they wont do much, but sometimes they get scared you might sue in the future.
P.s Maybe my advice is no good, but I wanted to share

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