Burning Torch Company Review

I love working with Karen, the owner. She’s got a great eye and has been upcycling since long before the cool kids caught on to it. Her team is also great to work with. Very chill Venice beach vibe she manages to bring with her after slogging across town from Venice to Vermont/101. The location is really boring, but everyone delivers. For parties they used to order from Chichen Itza, one of the tastiest Mexican restaurants in town!

Sometimes she brings her sweet dog too, which is always great. Dogs vastly improve any workspace. Good pay, laid back atmosphere, small company. I’ve freelanced with her off and on since 2002 and she’s still one of my favorites. The sample sale deals are great too!


completely disagree. turnover is ridiculous.

Glassdoor is not showing good signs for this company. They will probably take notice to it soon and start posting fake reviews up to make it have good standing. Turn overate is really bad on this one!