Any companies moving to work from home permanently?

Any companies that are now working remotely, permanently? Would love to hear these companies!


Anyone??? For NYC, any word on when employees are expected back in the office?

Ive heard August/September…

I have heard some companies will have team back at the end of September…may be on a day rotation and not full time. Not sure…I feel that a lot of company are still trying to fogure out the RTO organization.

I’ve heard Coach is only letting employees for critical business needs but even then needs director approval and not everyone is getting those appvd as they are prioritizing health.

I am on the wholesale side of the business and work with many of the major NY based buying offices. Most of them are all staying remote based until end of 2020.

Our industry is about color, drape and hand. None of these translate well to a screen. There is always going to be in-office work in the fashion industry.

Maybe you are asking about non fashion companies as they are wholesale and were able to open in phase two. Most have low to no ethics under normal situations and that hasn’t changed. My job is in the office since August (as soon as it was legal to bring us back) two days a week. I’ve interviewed with another company that has their team working 3 days a week in the office already.