5 minute interview

I have been looking for job for a while and when there’s an opportunity I’ll be the first one to jump in. The headhunter sold me a wonderful job, that it had everything I wanted even working remote 100%. But the interview needed to be in person… in person? When the job is remote? I really didn’t want to commute 1.5 hours for a job that I wasn’t sure I was going to get. I’m unemployed and i have a small child. So reluctantly got a babysitter and paid my $40 round trip to meet the employer.
Interview was at 11:30 he showed up at 11:41 show me the showroom and sat down, asked for my portfolio and I gave him my resume. Last 2 years have been difficult getting fulltime job, companies don’t want to hire fulltime only freelancing.
He glanced my resume, and looked at 2-4 pages of my work, and he asked a lot of not acceptable questions like:
do you have the connections of the previous factories? We want to make their products too, I told him I don’t have the connections and if I did, it’s not ethical.
Where are you from? Does it matter?
And then he said:” you don’t have what we need?”
I said did you review my resume? And then he said I don’t have time to read, I rather meet people….

Was he kidding? Then he said thank you have a good day. I looked at my phone and it was 11:46am…. 5 minutes for a 3 hour round trip, and $40 for the tickets and $50 for a babysitter….

Owners of companies need to be more compassionate and stop wasting time to people. We have zoom, teams technology to have a great interview.


I totally agree with you. Emailed from a company, that they wanted to meet with me in their showroom. I said , how about a phone interview first ? Ok, had a nice phone interview. Wanted me to come in. I said, sure, can you tell me about the salary and benefits? No, that was to be discussed in their showroom in person. Oh, and could I do a little free project first ? No and no. I passed on the ‘opportunity’.


Send them an invoice for your wasted time and money!

Seriously though, that is so frustrating. I have had a few shitty interviews like this myself. Just be confident knowing that you dodged a bullet working with someone so unprofessional. And give the recruiter your feedback too so they know what kind of company they are working with.


@Fashionmama Uhg I’m sorry this happened to you! Your instincts were right that you were hesitant to go to that interview in person. Honestly, when I’ve ignored my instincts I would end up in situations like this. As someone mentioned earlier you dodged a bullet, you may have ended up wasting more time working for that company.


I can’t believe people are still asking for free work. I would say that you dodged a bullet, but they sound too dense to be lethal. Glad you walked away.


Sorry you went through this. That employer sounds very inconsiderate and unprofessional. I recently had a recruiter contact me out of the blue about an opportunity. They asked me to interview on a day I could not, because of another obligation. I provided my other availability during the week to interview. I haven’t heard back from the recruiter since then. It’s a shame that job seekers have to experience these types of situations. I find it can shake my confidence for the job search when I go through these type of things and I start to second guess myself.


I have been on both sides of the interview table, 50% has to do with the first 10 seconds and mutual chemistry