AMAZON Interview

I have been in the biz for over 20 years and my phone interview with Amazon was one of the worst, most bizarre i’ve ever had. She was rude, interrupted me repeatedly, corrected my opinion that is was cold outside, I could hear her typing as I spoke, and then proceeded to tell me about herself for 40 minutes. Forty fucking minutes. I was on the phone for an hour and only spoke for about 10 minutes. sounded absolutely awful and have never heard one good word about working there.

Amazon is weird. From what I have heard it’s all about who you know, so I networked with a few colleagues to get in contact with someone in fashion there. There was a particular position I was interested in.

I emailed my contact and was really lucky, the position I wanted reported into them AND I actually met this person briefly a few years ago. We emailed me back and forth a few times with them asking me questions, and then they ghosted me. Overall my impression of the person I was communicating with was that they were overwhelmed and disorganized.

The gossip I have from a few people is that there is a TON of turn over, people don’t stay long. I feel like they aren’t even doing fashion well, and it’s kind of an experiment.

Also not in Amazon fashion but just the main company, someone I know went through several rounds of interviews only to be told at the end that a master’s degree was a requirement, so they couldn’t offer them the position. Why would you even interview someone without that degree if it’s a hard requirement? Waste of everyone’s time.