Will AI replace fashion designers /fashion jobs? Are you ready?

As if adapting to ever changing technology requirements and learning the latest Adobe or 3D design software as a fashion designer isn’t enough, now there is the looming threat of AI taking over many jobs in the fashion industry, and eliminating positions altogether.

This could easily affect:
Tech Design
Trend Researchers
Production jobs
and more.

What are your thoughts? Have any of you experienced discussions within your company on what these changes might be? It starts in the design school curriculums offered, as kids out of school have the latest exposure to new software programs, and those kids eventually become the next generation of designers, pushing the Millennials and beyond, out. (I’m Gen X, it’s already happened to me as I know Illustrator but don’t know Creative Suite, Cloud or InDesign or the 3D design some companies want fashion designers to know. ) I left the industry about 5 years ago, or should I say, was not getting called for jobs after being a design director for 10 years and finally segued to another area that has nothing to do with fitness, for much less money in my mid 50’s. now, although I miss fashion terribly. Dressing well is just not enough. I loved living the life for 35 years and it ended abruptly.

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I have no idea how AI might impact fashion but I just asked ChatGPT to write a blog article on the subject and this is what it said:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the fashion industry by providing new opportunities to enhance fashion design, technical design, and production.

Fashion Design: AI is changing the way fashion designers create their collections. From virtual fashion shows to virtual styling and fitting, AI technology allows designers to present their collections to the public in a unique and interactive way. In addition, AI algorithms can analyze data on consumer preferences, helping designers create collections that meet the demands of their target audience.

Technical Design: AI is making the process of technical design more efficient and accurate. With AI-powered software, designers can create highly detailed and accurate technical drawings, helping to minimize the risk of errors in production. This not only speeds up the production process but also helps to reduce costs.

Production: AI is also helping to streamline the production process, from sourcing materials to manufacturing. With AI-powered systems, companies can analyze data on consumer demand and production capacity, allowing them to make more informed decisions about what to produce and when. Additionally, AI-powered robots can help to automate the production process, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing efficiency.

Overall, the impact of AI on the fashion industry is significant, providing new opportunities for innovation and growth. From fashion design to production, AI technology is helping to improve the fashion industry and make it more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.

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Look at the link above. It’s replacing the need for large design teams. It can not only come up with hundreds of tops, dresses, pants, etch in seconds, but it can also create the Illustrator flat sketch and create the tech pack in any Adobe platform required by the company, eliminating the need for those not directing the AI to do it’s job in these areas.


Great questions! I wondered this myself as it will only grow as more people are using it. I don’t think it will replace designers, because AI scrapes the web searching millions of images to create one “new” image that fits the prompts. There are definitely copyright issues there, and I’m sure there will be the development of programs that scrape the web looking for copyright violations, another topic. As far as technical work it may be helpful. I think if a designer uploads their original design into an AI program, they can modify it in creative ways. It’s also great for mood boards so it can help designers as a creative tool. Although AI can create an endless amount of styles and garments from “scratch,” it has that “AI look” technically very good, but sterile. Fashion is still connected to the body, so how people live, move, work, socialize, etc…will still be the foundation for fashion.


Love this question! I’ve been thinking about this for years. I think that it will probably reduce the number of people working in some companies, @VataLatte makes a great point that right now AI only knows what you feed it, but I think that a lot of design, especially at lower price points, is just a re-iteration of what is out there. Unless you’re working in a super niche band, having an AI that can aggregate designs and have a merch person put together a line, keeping a designer or 2 around to make sure that the product is made correctly and the colors match could totally happen.

I can also see AI speeding up the trend cycle even faster, and doing smaller runs of goods, because companies will be able to ideate faster.

I already use Chat GPT to help write cover letters and re-write my resume, it’s super helpful. In that way, that I can speedup the process of applying to jobs. I can see it speeding up & creating the ability to do even MORE product (even though we already have too much)

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