Resume and portfolio help needed

I am re entering the work force after owning my own business for over 10 years. need to revamp and re energize my resume and portfolio. Do you have any recommendations for great industry experts to help revise and revamp?

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What business category are you in? Someone on here may be in the same profession that you desire. It’s a little hard to help you without knowing the general area you’re in, but definitely try these:

Update your profile on - Check out your profile and delete anything old - resumes, cover letters… so you can update. Download a copy first if you want to edit what you already have. See what works, or what won’t work. Maybe you didn’t even fill in your profile?
Check out this link: Make your Profile Standout

Have an online portfolio - You will need one. Make sure you’re on Also have something more personal to show on another portfolio website, such as Behance, Coroflot, Dribbble… where you can be slightly more creative with the layout, or maybe opt for a free/paid website builder of your choice where you can customize the URL to “your name”.

Revise your resume - highlight your most recent job at the top. Fill in the rest however it looks good to you. Research online what makes a great resume. Click here - Three Ways to Make Your Resume Standout. Decide if an infographic resume is more your style.

Submit your updated resume - Get a resume critique, and have someone who sees thousands of resumes per day give advice on what could make yours better. Try: Free Resume Critique - send them an email if you have questions.

Practice for video interviews - Do some Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime calls with your family, friends, random stranger you met last night, or even coworkers that know your work background well. Pretend you’re at a real interview, introduce yourself, and be comfortable being on camera. Or, just record yourself and play it back.

Record yourself - What is your elevator pitch? Record yourself and play it back. Mess up as much as you want, because it’s just to practice. You might feel silly talking to a microphone, but it’s worth trying. Have fun with it, but be as professional as you can! Maybe post it on YouTube if you have an audience that will be helpful in the comments section.


A word of warning about TopResume. I decided to hire a professional service to rewrite my resume, hoping it would help land more interviews. I bought the least expensive package for $149. I might as well have flushed the money down a toilet. This service claims they match you with an expert in your industry, but it was obvious my writer knew nothing about the fashion/retail/wholesale industry. I won’t go into all the details, but the resume I received was useless. It appears that this is a pool of people in a different country who have been given a crash course on resume-writing and a list of buzz words. After receiving the first terrible draft, I dug deeper researching this company and found horrible reviews. Wish I had done more thorough research before wasting money I could not afford to waste. DO NOT USE TOPRESUME.