Professional resume writers

Anyone has used Top Resume to have their resume professional written? Any other resume company suggestions for our industry?

I used Great Resume Fast- It was pricey and I am happy with the results

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What would be the charges ?

It depends on your level and if you want your LinkedIn Profile as well
An Executive resume is about $800
What I liked was that you had a personal phone interview to be able to understand your skills and what you wanted to emphasize which they then incorporate into your resume.
Many other resume companies send you a questionnaire, so your resume is only as good as your written answers.
You get a PDF version, an ATS version and of course a Word Document which you can adjust if necessary. I also got a cover letter written by them

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I strongly recommend finding someone who specializes in retail/fashion. I’m a professional resume writer who has worked exclusively with assistant store managers, store managers, and multi-unit retail leaders in the US and Canada since 2005, and I routinely get hired to rewrite resumes that were prepared by “generic” resume services. It’s not so much that they’re terrible - they just don’t have any advanced knowledge of the retail industry, and that’s critically important. Even if your goal is to transition to a new field, your resume needs to show your past experience in the best light - and it can’t do that if your writer has no particular expertise in retail. Feel free to check out my website, if interested:


I had looked into using Top Resume, but after getting the “free” resume review 2 times (with different resumes mind you), with the same exact “analysis” i decided to look into different services. I ended up using ZipJob which had a similar model, but was actually slightly less expensive. I think it was definitely worth it, if only for the ATS optimization.

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Thank you @OCDesign. The exact same “analysis” part is so telling… Thanks for the tip!

No problem! Happy to help and share my experience :slight_smile: