Production Manager

NYC - manage 3 people, $80Mm, 1.2MM units, intimates

I heard at Marchesa they make around 70-80k

Anywhere between $60k and $80k.

PM salary’s can higher, largely depends on company & experience. Noticed PM’s that are “individual contributors” without direct reports are om long end of pay scale.

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What is the normal salary for a production manager in Los Angeles for big box retailers like Sams and Costco?

I have no idea where you have worked, but the salary you are quoting for a production manager for a volume, size of business for a publicly traded company is $95k starting pending experience up to $130k!

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120-140k with 3 or more reports cooperate companies like adidas n nike

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With 10-15 years experience I’ve made 85-100k, from a range of aspirational startups to mass market international brands.

But now I’m laid off and trying to figure out what salaries are looking like these days, especially with the industry affected by covid-19. Clearly there have been budget cuts. I’ve been applying but places seem to be struggling to offer anything more than 75k (or even less). Any insights?

I recently took a job for 75k, I was making 90k before being laid off. I Was making even more than that years ago, salaries seem to be getting smaller? But I am thankful to have found a job!

$105k at PVH Corp. (in NYC)

Salary range is huge here and I agree it depends on the number of years experience , size of the company and direct reports- starting can be as low as 60-70k and as high as 140k. When talking to hr in an interview always ask the range as to not waste anyone’s time. If they say they don’t have a range they are not telling the truth or they don’t want to admit but you are higher than the range. This is from my 15+ yrs of exp in the industry. Things might be different now with covid as I heard companies are taking advantage and paying less even with more experience.