NY Pay Transparency Act

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I see so many posts completely ignoring the new Pay Transparency Act and then asking in interviews what your salary target is. By law, they are supposed to post the pay range even for freelance and temp. But if you push for it, most likely you get knocked out of the running for the job. How have you handled this? I sometimes ask and I sometimes don’t. I feel if I need to push a company to follow the law, this is already a red flag but some big well known companies are not complying. Thoughts?


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So confused. Why aren’t fashion brands disclosing the job salary?

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Hi! Many job posts still don’t have salary ranges listed. I can’t speak to why they do not follow the law.

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They are avoiding posting the salary because they know they are lowballing and they won’t get any response to the posting. I have had recruiters ask me to refer candidates, but when I ask them salary range they clam up. I won’t refer a friend to a job that has a ridiculously low salary. And recently I have seen job listings change from full-time to part-time at the same pay because no one will take it full time for the low pay, and the only way the company can justify the budget for it is if they take away the benefits that would come with a full-time job. Another company has resorted to a “temp-to-perm” strategy, where they budget a certain amount for a 2 to 3 month temp, and then repeat. They are cycling through everyone in this specialty without having to pay benefits. This has been going on for several years. They will never find their unicorn- they don’t intend to!- and product will suffer as a result.


interesting! I haven’t really been looking at FT work, but for freelance, whenever a recruiter emails me about a gig asking for referrals, I usually say I won’t send any referrals for less than $75/hr. I’m not sure that it’s that meaningful, but I figure at least I’m responding and giving them a number that maybe gets back to their client.

I’ve had even big, well respected brands way low ball me with this promise of temp-to-perm work. I said “no” to one offer when they offered me $35/hr (after 3-4 interviews, 15 yrs experience). I was actually so shocked by the low number I said “no” without even thinking- I was so offended by how much of my time they had taken up for that offer in SoCal no less.

They were shocked bc apparently no one ever says “no” to them, so they begrudgingly went up in hourly rate for me but guilted me with this “well you’ll be getting more than some of our FT patternmakers on the team”. Okay, sounds like you need to pay them more too then!

Anyway… I don’t know if pay transparency will really help us, but I’m always honest with how much I charge / how much I expect to make from the get go. My only caveat is if they are willing to give me on the job training or offer a flexible work situation. I have had some come back to me after they searched more and had bad luck finding candidates. There’s no point in my mind in not saying this from the outset… the price they put on that role says a lot about how they are going to value you as an employee.


It is truly frustrating how hard it is to get a freelance role for $75/hr.

It’s not just the pay but some don’t include any info or the range is insane… I saw one today that was 1K to 300K. Does that make any sense :thinking: