Perks - IVF / Egg Freezing

Does anyone know of any fashion companies that offer Egg Freezing / IVF reimbursement or coverage?

I have not heard of any industry that offers this , it’s considered elective or non essential medical expense. Good luck finding a fashion industry to cover this expense.

The question was prompted by a conversation I was having with my friends who are in tech/ banking who get this perk, they were shocked, SHOCKED when I said that this doesn’t exist in fashion. Not every tech company or bank offers this but quite a few do and more and more are starting to offer it. ( Meta/ Google/ Blackrock/ GoldmanSachs to name a few.) So I am throwing the question to the group, in case there is someone out there that offers it.

Good to know tech and banking industries are now offering this!

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I use to work for PVH and had Aetna insurance and believe this was covered under that plan. Literally the only good thing about working for them was the insurance…


Because Tech companies do offer partially or fully paid IVF and egg freezing, you might also be able to find it in the benefit offerings for a startup retail or fashion company since they are competing for tech talent. Good luck!


H&M covers IVF health care at least for corporate/design room roles. Not sure about egg freezing though.

Yes I know Chanel, Sephora, nike, asos.

There are even benefits to support and help in adoptions, surrogacy

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I worked at a very small company prior to my current who’s medical plan covered this. The Gap pays 100% of adoption cost. They might cover IVF or a part of it too.