Nyc relocation companies

What companies will relocate apparel designers or technical designers in to nyc?

It’s my experience that it depends on what you do. The scarcer the talent is for a particular position, the more likely NY companies will pay to relocate. For example, a C-Suite executive is more likely to get paid relocation to NYC than an Assistant Designer. Similarly, a Tech Design Manager who focuses on full-fashioned sweaters is more likely to get a relocation package than a Tech Designer who works with cut and sew knits or wovens.


great feedback- agreed! Generally speaking I’ve found very few companies are willing to re-locate you to NYC unless you’re already a star. Eventually I just took it upon myself to move there to get the work experience I needed to move my career forward.

I think this is fairly common- if you get a job in a more unusual fashion place, they will offer relo, but I’ve never found a big city that offered it before. (for instance, Abercrombie in Ohio or Lands End in WI)

It’s unfortunate and frustrating I know :confused:

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Seems like California and just in general west coast pays relo

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