No Company Website or Socials - Do You Still Apply?

Is this a red flag when applying to job postings? If the company is unfamiliar and does not include a website or socials? Or do you still apply?

I think it just means it’s a start-up or a small business with a niche following. Depends on what you are looking for. In my experience, working for small businesses/start ups allowed me to learn a lot more and have a more dynamic job. I really like working for start-ups.

The catch is that they are often unstable and you might only have a job for 6 months or so. But, if it helps you get a better next job because of all you can add to your portfolio, to me it’s worth it!

I might be an optimist, but I think you can’t judge a job opportunity until you talk to your potential new boss.


Other than a very new start up, I think by now most companies have a social media presence and usually a website. If they didn’t have either, that would be a big red flag for me.