Applying for a job that is no longer listed

The job is no longer listed in their applications online, but it’s still on LinkedIn. It was only posted this week, so I believe they just capped the applications. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I have already registered in their candidate pool with my resume (tailored accordingly) and cover letter (ditto). I’m in the top 10% of candidates out of 500+ applicants… YIPES.

LinkedIn and indeed often auto re-post / fresh jobs without the consent of the company. I went through this prior to Covid and the HR department told me that directly.
So if it is not currently open on this companies career site it is likely the position has been filled.


@hardtimes2020 is exactly right. A company may post or take down a job on their company site (ATS) and there is a lag between when the job boards get the request to take re-post or take down a job. Typically, if the job is no longer on the company site, it is no longer available.

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Thanks very much for the information. That’s heartbreaking news. Lesson learned!!

Keep applying to things and stay positive. As we end the summer and move closer to Q4 the job market will become more active with valid open positions.