Moving up to management from senior TD

A Requter told me its time for me to go for technical design management position since I have 13+ years of senior TD experience.
How do you know it’s time? How do I manage? Lead?

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Fashion, I mean this in only the most respectful way - It sounds like you may not be ready for a management position if you are unsure how to manage & lead. I suggest researching the skills which the most effective managers possess and evaluate your competency in those skills. Also, consider the best and worst managers you have had - what made one the best? What made one the worst? Also, find 1 or 2 people on LinkedIn to follow whose leadership style you connect with and admire. Don’t feel pressured to move into a management role until you feel ready. You might be setting yourself up for failure.
I commend you for surfacing your concern and being self-aware. Wishing you success in all your endeavors.

Thank you, I appreciate your feedback.

I do believe there’s a difference between manager and a leader. And a leader should be a trusted person, understands human psychology, in my opinion these are the best skills of the leader/manager can have. I do believe, I have all these skills.

I have worked with many different type of managers good and bad. I learned long life lessons from each. And I do agree with you to take those lessons and apply to my future position.

I also believe you need to start from somewhere to get to your goal.

We all have flaws, you can’t learn without trying. Just like there’s no perfect parent, you learn along the way.

Again thank you for the feedback.

After 13 years, what do you have to lose? Just try it out - give it a shot, see how it goes. If you’re a total failure at managing, you’ll be demoted/possibly fired or you can fall back on something similar to your old job, or just flat out have a discussion with your boss to discuss what it’s like to be in a management position. I say go for it, but it does require responsibility. If you don’t want people under you, then stay where you are. The person who told you to go for a management position might not know what it’s really like to be in your shoes. Its up to your comfort level. Do you want people depending on you, do you want to give instructions to your co-workers? Do you need more money? See what the company needs, and if you fit that description. If you don’t think so, then it’s not your time yet.

Managing a team is a skill that that should be taught – by example/mentorship, as @Pinky suggests, and with specific training. Anyone currently in a management position should be able to ask to participate in company sponsored management training opportunities, or to be reimbursed for for classes/seminars you find yourself.

If you want to develop some skills before moving into a first-time managerial role, you can find classes that will give you a head start on LinkedIn.

Thank you for the encouragement

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Thank you for the great advice

All great comments! Best of luck @Fashion!