Mood Board Resources


I know this is a common practice across all fashion industries (both hard and soft), but I’m curious about what resources you all use for yours? I’ve been interviewing a lot recently and there has been an increased focus on them. Also, please share any helpful board examples you’ve come across!

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Hi Baby Snakes, (Great Name Btw)! Here is a mood board I did for a RL project a while ago. I like to combine a few product shots, with model shots and then maybe “stuff or lifestyle”.There are lots of resources for images: Pinterest, google image search, tumblr, instagram and search blogs. they have lots of good content. I try to save some info with the file "the designer or where I found it) just in case I am asked. And don’t forget to just google “mood board” also. Best of luck!


Hi! I have found that pinterest is the best for textures and colors, while architectural digest or interior blogs are great for lifestyle / mood. You can try this image by color website or this one as a starting point for overall feeling of the trend. I use vogue street style pictures and runway pictures too. I hope this helps!


Pinterest is like one stop shopping. Just realize that some moods or themes are old hat and some KNOW that pinterest input. Google Image search to get images from stores. Behance. Shop in several locations so you dont look stale or lazy

I use Pinterest as a first step and as a quick image search, but agree with @Schmatta_OG that because everyone goes to Pinterest, a lot of the images are overused in mood boards.

I’ve found the best way to use Pinterest is to find the source – if I see images I like, I click the link, and quite often it is from a tumblr or Instagram account, or another website that has more images that are of a similar vibe, and are not already posted a million times on Pinterest.