Mental Health check in

Hi guys.

How has everyone’s mental health and motivation been?
I was an associate designer for almost two years now and I got laid off due to Covid and have not been able to find work. It’s been a few months already…

My mental health has been bad. I was in the hospital for almost two weeks due to it. Would like to know how everyone else is doing…


Glad you are opening up about this! I’ve had negative outlooks to job opportunities that are lower than pre-pandemic.

The only thing that is keeping me happy is my certificate classes to a new career that could also be in fashion if I wanted it to.

I do have a tele-therapist I see to help with the unsure feelings I have.


What certifications are you working on and what new career(s) are you working towards?

How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?

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I hate to hear this. Makes you wonder if the lock-downs did more harm than good.

I dont mind. Im 30yrs right now and ill be transitioning into graphics design as a new career.

This will be through Parsons Certificate program.


I think its great that you started this conversation. Thank you for sharing.

I was furloughed and called back to work at my company, but my entire time was let go. I now have had to adapt to working on a team with people who really impact my mental peace in the way that they work, and critique my work. So I find myself some days, today included, completely unmotivated to work at all.

What helps bring me joy though is personal projects so I try to find time to sketch, and sew things for myself so I can leave the mental sinkhole that is my job.


I don’t even have motivation to sketch…

I’ve lost all desire for this industry. My job I was laid off from was super toxic.


I don’t know where you’re located but Im in NYC. I went to a fabric store a few weeks ago and it helped remind me why i love fashion. I also went to the MET to see the Sandy Schreier exhibit.

Little bursts of joy. One moment at a time.


Thank you for having the courage to express yourself. I have listed some proactive steps that I take as an industry veteran to overcome and WIN against extended unemployment, toxic work environments, entrepreneurship and daily life challenges. Serve and protect your mental health at all times. Hope you find the tips to be useful.

Take self-inventory to pin point what specifically is having a negative effect on your mental health. Then take steps to understand how they developed and what you can do everyday to take action to overcome and WIN.

Recognize that your job does not define your self worth.

Remind yourself of what you are passion about and think of ways to monetize your passion through starting your own business and using social media and services like and to generate awareness and income.

Utilize your network, Reach out to people and brands you want to work with.

Take Walks, Exercise and Follow a good diet. Stay away from negativity by being mindful of the company you keep, what you read, watch and listen to.

Acknowledge what your are thankful for everyday.

All the Best


Hang in there. We’ll dig out. It will take time, though.


I appreciate this. Was nice to read.

I am extremely burnt out and just don’t even feel like trying lol…
I am sure there are a lot of people feeling this way sure my motivation will come back once I get my depression under control more.

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I am sorry to hear you’re going through a tough time. Please know, this time will pass and you are not defined by what you do. That is not who you are.

I survived during the recession in NYC In 2009, getting let go from my design job. I looked at it as an opportunity to shift my direction and started my own clothing line.

When that didn’t work out, I began working in the industry again at many well known design brands: DVF, Theory, Jason Wu, etc.

I lost my job again due to COVID and looked at it as an opportunity to figure things out again. Sure, I’ve also had moments of depression and doubt, but it’s all in the strength of our minds. I’m still unemployed, on the brink of filing bankruptcy, but it’s all just money. In the end, it doesn’t define me, and won’t end my life nor my dreams. It is what’s so, and tomorrow is a new day. Today is the present and we will all persevere.

You’re probably young, and uncertain about your future. But know, you have your health, your strength and it will all work out for good. God is on your side and though it may seem grim, and things may look mundane, it will all work for good. You’ve survived up until this point, haven’t you? :wink:

Peace and love to everyone that may need it.


Everyday is something different, either a desire to not get out of bed or ok at continuing. Yesterday I had my third all the way to the end of multiple interviews to not get the offer, and having to try and find any parallels in each experience, at to hopefully figure out what’s not working. Then hearing from people really financially struggling and having a much harder time and forcing myself to be grateful.

I was furloughed from a company i planned on leaving this year anyway, so its bittersweet. Its scary that we are 7 months in whatever this is and still no solid ground to stand on, but I try to find solace that we are all trying to figure it out.

Keep Going!!!


I agree.

I’ve been out of work for a few months now. I feel like as winter approaches, it will only get harder…

A friend of mine notified me of some Covid related deaths that happened at a former company I worked for and it has be afraid to work because I have a compromised immune system.

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I have been on furlough last 6 months, last week got a call that I am laid off along with my direct boss, and other people in the company, I did really think we would be back to work, because it was pretty big company.

I try not to think about future, lol. I take one day at a time and do things I enjoy.


I hadn’t lost my job due to Covid, even though our company shut down for 3 mos. I HAVE had long and painful periods of unemployment, though, and understand how emotionally devastating it can be. It was definitely the lowest period in my life. I used that time for self education and development (emotionally and spiritually, not fashion or industry related). That was in my late 30s. I’m currently in my early 50s and have seen enough to recognise that if you don’t learn how to ‘bend’, you most likely will ‘break’. Those who survive the best and longest are constantly in a state of redefining yourself and what your life will look like.
My guess is Covid will change everyone’s life forever. WHAT that change looks like, is up to you. Regular 9-5 job-jobs will be winding down and more and more people will be working from home. My advice is to embrace it and get ahead of it. Make yourself at ease with this idea, read up on what new lines are coming out and how they are redefining themselves. You can see the big 'ol giants of the industry are struggling as well. It’s hard for them to ‘bend’, as they are so large. The smaller companies are having an easier time of it because they are mostly owned and run by younger, more open-minded people, who have less to lose by taking risks.
You CAN survive this, but just know life will never be the ‘same’ again… and from the sounds of your last job (which is fairly common in “fashion”) change is a good thing. Best of luck and hang in there!


Layoffs are always tough and unemployment can be scary and unknown even in normal times. Covid has certainly amplified all those emotions you go through when you lose a job.
You definitely are not alone.

A few years ago I had one day left of unemployment when I finally got a job offer. It’s cheesy, I know, but maybe the right one for you just hasn’t found it’s way to you.

During my unemployment time and my recent furlough, I found trying to stir my creativity in “fashion adjacent” activities kept me fresh but didn’t allow me to fall into a fashion funk. I taught myself embroidery, made some quilts out of old scraps of fabric, went to the MET to sketch the statues, etc. I hope you can find your creative flow again.


At the tough time required tough brain and heart we have to survive uncertain difficult but nonpermanent situation and come out strong to see more competitive days ahead.

I can only pray god to give all the strength to you and me to add resistance and immune for survival.


I love positive outlook. God bless you!


We work in a tough industry. I was laid off during the recession 2009 and again a few years later. I’ve been lucky to survive the COVID layoffs but did take a paycut and have several friends who were laid off. The best advice I can give is use this time to do the things you normally put off or don’t have time to do. Take a free online class, read some books get out for walks, write letters to friends you lost contact with , take up a new Hobby or go back to an old one …I know it sounds a little cheesy but it will help reduce the stress and remember you not the only
one. Companies will start hiring again.