KrazyKat / Healing Hands Scrubs

I worked at KrazyKat ages ago. A small family owned, Indian company, who at the time had missy tops and scrubs business. They sold to your middle america women printed polyester blouse customer. They had done well at a time, so well, the owner closed the company for a week, and took everyone one a cruise. I came along after all of that, in fact, they had just experienced salary reductions, most likely to hire me. All private label business.

Memorable moments:
Diwali came around, which is an Indian New Years holiday, and the entire company was forced to celebrate it. I knew nothing of this holiday. There was an alter built in the office and chanting and offerings. It was interesting and I tried to respect it. Then came day 2. We all have partner up, and get a ride to the New Jersey warehouse to fully celebrate the holiday. A huge alter was built in the middle of the warehouse, tons of food, chanting, walking around the alter, and praying. I asked my boss if we had to do this. She said it would be frowned upon if we didn’t. I even think she asked me: You don’t like to pray?

The most uncomfortable situation.

I think they just sell scrubs now.

How was it working there? I had an interview with them 5 years ago but they didn’t go forward because I worked for the competition .

Just a very small family owned company. I don’t think I made a year.