Is Haddad a good place to work?

Anyone have experience within the last year working for Haddad? Would love some feedback-either way, thanks!

I haven’t worked there, only interviewed. However I do know people who have worked there and their experiences varied because of the departments they were in.However the consensus was that it can be a bit nightmarish because its a family business so nepotism runs a bit rappant.

Not at all. It’s a revolving door. They hire and fire like clockwork at certain points during the yr. If you need a job take it but keep looking and get out of there the 1st chance you get.


it’s like relvolving door. if u desperate take it.
not sure how long they will be around.

Heard not a single good thing about the company. Seeing their hiring post all the time before covid- which isn’t a good sign. Anyway, applied for the position-didnt say which division-
set up interview for the position- but it was completely different category, didn’t have experience with it, HR kept insisted to just interview- seems desperate… after talking with industry peeps I declined the interview.

My very own experience: Place is superficial and toxic. Lots of favoritism and nepotism.
Couple of sales stay there long. Design and production are probably the lowest rank there. They don’t keep employees for long. Constantly layoff and re-hire to keep budget low (in the name of restructure, of course). If you need the job, take it but don’t stop looking around. Don’t hesitate to move on if other opportunity pops.


How is the pay and what benefits do they offer?