Identity Theft and Tax Forms

My social security number was exposed in 2 places by my former employer when they sent me my tax form in an envelope with a clear window. I can read the whole thing all without opening the envelope.

Now I have to fully worry about Identity Theft.
Apparently, I cannot do a thing about this unless my identity is actually stolen.

Log into Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union and put a freeze on your credit. I have one on all the time due to random credit checks by cell phone companies. I looked at a new phone online , and the company checked my credit without me ever applying for a new phone, which caused it to drop a few points. I then locked my credit.

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Seems a bit extreme, just for this one occurrence. I’d much rather love the option to sue the company for doing this, or to get them into big legal trouble with heavy fines. I genuinely think it was intentional that they exposed this to the public for all to see. For me of course, since they did not value me as a human being, and for the other 3 employees as well that I witnessed getting fired literally on a whim.

This could theoretically jeopardize my entire future, with Identity Theft. Causing severe problems on my end, from every single account in my name. If you’ve ever been a victim of Identity Theft, you would know how awful it is.

As a citizen and a law-abiding employee, I find this appalling. It’s the most disgusting act from an employer to do against its employees that they intentionally did this to. It was no mistake. That’s why I’m posting this post. It was purely intentional.

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As someone who was the victim of identity theft, I can tell you it is worth the trouble to put a freeze on your credit right now, if you think there is a real danger. That way no one can open new credit cards in your name.
Not sure why you think it was intentional, if you have proof of course you can speak with a lawyer. But in my humble opinion, these kinds of things are difficult to prove and you’d possibly have to show damages?

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@SparkleUnicorn sorry you had to go through that.

Ya there’s just no way to know for sure who handled this from their printing office to the mailbox, all the way to my front door. If I were an identity thief, I’d be having a celebration finding this envelope. Write down the person’s info, do my thing, then drop it right back into the mailbox.

I just want to bring attention to the fact that this company is part of the fashion industry. That’s the main point. Watch out for things like this.

My reasons for thinking it was intentional, are that they have repeatedly done things in the past that were very risky in terms of employee safety. I’m hesitant to go into more detail, as this is an anonymous forum.

@fabricologist - thank you and I’m sorry you’re going through this as well. I agree that is very risky so I really truly would freeze your credit. Before I found out about my problem (which wasn’t even that long; one of the applications these people filled out I guess had some kind of issue and the bank called me to verify— don’t even know how they knew the number to call), multiple credit cards were opened in my name. Every day I dreaded getting the mail not knowing what was going to show up.

Did you photograph the envelope and how it showed the SS? Do that for your records. Send out a letter to them documenting that you received an envelope from them on X date that compromised your SS# and that as a result you are being forced to initiate a credit freeze to prevent identity theft and fraud. Give them further notice that if anything should happen to compromise your credit standing or if your identity is stolen, that you will have your attorney contact them. Contact the state fraud department, or the business and financing oversight offices to see if you can file a formal complaint based on their negligence in adequately safeguarding your private info and so they can explain any relevant laws that were broken. Once credit has been stolen I know some people file police reports as well to further document. Just make sure they issued the check and not a payroll service they hire, so you are holding the correct person responsible. Good Luck.

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I can photograph this all I want, but it doesn’t get the company into trouble for doing what should be considered an illegal violation of my rights.

So happy that I do not work for such horrible people anymore. But just be warned to not stay at bad companies, because this is how they will try and get back at you - by exposing your personal tax documents to the general public through the mail.

I don’t know where you guys live, but my area has high mailbox theft. It’s almost a guarantee that someone’s about to go and try my numbers and contact info…honestly. But I’m actually not so worried about that. I just don’t want the companies to be allowed to perform this kind of behavior towards employees. It’s abusive of their high-ranking status.

These bosses don’t know what it’s like to be in our shoes. They live in fancy neighborhoods, go home to their penthouses at the end of the day. Or their 2nd homes.

Same thing happened to me, and I did the exact same thing. I now have a freeze on all the time.