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I was hired to start working on March 16, 2020, but was put on hold until the “returns to the office”. I periodically reached out to the HR and supervisor during the pandemic about this situation.
On July 21, 2020 there was a posting on for a similar position with less pay.
I questioned about this and was then told that there is no longer an opening for the position they kept me waiting on for four months.

I said my speech in writing to these people and spoke with the SVP of HR because I am willing to now work at a lower salary since I can now collect SS full benefits. Matthew Prail called me and said in reply that they are looking for someone to stay a long time and grow with the company. I am almost sure that statement is age discrimination.

This company is not honest and they are deceiving in their hiring practices.

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Trust me…you dodged a bullet. I took a job there after being warned by a former employee not to work there and that place took years off my life. Very little pay… everyone who is there hates their life…they expect so much and pay so little, especially for lower level employees. No room for growth - many people have been there for years without promotion. I made friends from working there and learned as much as I could before leaving, but the atmosphere was miserable.

Hi Nini,

Thank you for writing to me. They have really nice office furniture. I hope you can get back those years of your life.


I think they’ve moved their office since I was there… so it’s probably much better looking now.

I think good people are much more important than furniture.

That’s obvious… the furniture was not what gave me stress and anxiety.

I hear they closed last month

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Where did you hear that?

They definitely did not close. Just last month I had 3 rounds of remote interviews with various team members there (HR, Design, Merchandising). I was in the final round of interviews and they ended up hiring someone else. I feel as though I have dodged a bullet, especially after reading these posts, as the work load sounded very heavy and chaotic.

If you applied for the technical designer position, it is exactly the same as the senior technical designer position I applied to. The difference, they are paying $35,000 per year. I started out as a technical designer with higher pay than that. It’s horrible that people expect so much work for so little pay.

No it wasn’t for the technical design job. It was for a Design Director job that they had posted pre-COVID and reached out several months after applying.

I had my interview for technical designer position for children’s wear on 3/6 and it was a good paying job too $ 70,000/year. I was informed by two former coworkers, one had a bad thing to say about the company the other said some good thing about the company. However, I never heard back. This was before the lock down. I assume I didn’t get a job. I followed up with HR but they never had the cutesy to let me know if the position was still available back in June or July. Who knows, it might be a blessing in disguise. The new office looks nice everything seemed to be organized. With so many big companies are filling chapter 11 from left to right, it’s so hard to land a technical designer position. There are hundreds of applicants for one job…

I applied for children’s wear TD position and was informed the pay was $70000, I wished I could have got the job. This was two weeks before the NYC lockdown, I think they either hired someone else and trying to cut back hiring. Wished I could have gotten the job…

I am workIng at graphic cad team since last year, and I am so lucky that the department I am working with, is one of my best experiences. Nice people, good management and they respect your personal life. They are very open to new ideas.

I worked there from 2008-2010 and this was exactly my takeaway! It was miserable to be around so many miserable people. Obviously that was a while ago and things may be different, but it was a really dismal experience.

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They constantly have job postings-I’ve learned from being in this business so long that when you see that-stay away-It is just a revolving door of hiring firing and quitting.

Sorry this happened to you, that’s so frustrating. I believe I know what listing you’re talking about because a recruiter I was working with reached out to me about a position there; I took the initiative to cold message a current employee there to see what her experience has been. She was nice enough to answer and from what she told me, you definitely dodged a bullet.

Yes there are closing

Why are they posting job opportunities?